Chan Man Lee Trading Co Pte Ltd

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26 Brands

AVATEC -Drillbits

BRITOOL TECNOGI -Hand Tools, Precision Tools, Torque Wrenches

CARDINAL -Sitting Saws

CHINA TOOLS -Hand Tools, Instruments

DORMER -Cutting Tools

EGAMASTER -Hand Tools, Precision Tools, Tube Cutter, Pipe Cutter

HANSON -Number + Letter Puncher, Brass Stencils

HUNTER -Hand Tools, Precision Tools, Plastic, Nylon, Stencils & Punches

IBB -Brushes

IRWIN-RECORD, JORAN -Hand Tools, Precision Tools, Purpose G-Clamps, Pipe Wrenches, Purpose Snips, Drill Bits

J&S -Hand Tools, Engineering Tools

JACOBS & LFA -Drilling Chucks

LUPROMAX -Tapping Oil

NEIL TOOLS -Hand Tools, Engineering Tools

NIKKO -Diamond Tools

PFERD -Abrasive Tools, Polishing Tools, Fine Grinding Tools, Industrial Power Brushes, Hand Brushes


RUKO -Cutting Tools

SOLAR -Punchers, Tool Bits, Holders, Boring Bars, Engineering Tools

STARRETT -Precision Tools, Band Saw Blades, Hole-Saw Solution, Hacksaw Blades

SYKES & PICKAVANT -Hand Tools, Precision Tools, Puller & Separator Kits, General Kits, Blade Holder

T & J -Reamers

THOREX -Plastic Hammers, Nylon Hammers, Copper Mallets, Rawhide Mallets

TRIANGLE VOLKEL -Threading Tools, Carbon Steel & High Speed Steel

ULTRA TOOLS, M.A FORD -Cutting Tools, Carbide Tools, Drills, Burrs

VOLKEL/V-COIL -Taps & Repair Kits

Company Profile

Chan Man Lee Trading Co Pte Ltd was founded in the year 1958 by Mr. Chan Chin Ock with the help of his brothers, Peter and Chan Wah. Our company is known as one of the biggest stockist and supplier of different hardware tools in Singapore. With our success and continued growth in this business, we have reached other countries like China, India, Middle East and all over South East Asia.

Chan Man Lee Trading Co Pte Ltd caters to the exact needs of Industrial Engineering and Shipbuilding Industries. Our over 50 years of strong commitment in assuring quality products and services combined with fair pricing and outstanding purchasing and delivery system, made us the trusted partner of eminent brands coming from Germany, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, India and China.

Our Brands:
• Jacobs
• Pferd
• Tapmatic
• Triangle
• Dormer
• Presto
• Volkel
• Taylor & Jones
• V-Coil
• Eclipse
• Hunter and many more

Our product range:
• Cutting tools
• Hand tools
• Precision tools
• Abrasive tools
• Threading tools
• Engineering tools
• Drilling chucks
• Stencils and Punches

Chan Man Lee Trading Co Pte Ltd is always excited to take on any business requirements and needs of clients. Continuously passing on its management legacy to the next generation of well trained and trustworthy employees, the vast range of inventory and excellent fleet of vehicles for local deliveries made us the best choice of supplier for your business.

Representative/CEO :Mr Danny Yong

Business Type :Hardware wholesalers and Tools wholesalers

Business Market :South-East Asia, Middle East, India and China

No. Of Employees :20

Annual Sales Range :> 5 Million USD

Country Territory :Singapore

Operating Hours :Monday to Friday 9 00AM – 18 00PM, Saturday 9 00AM – 12 00PM

Press Release

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