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14 Brands

3M -Face Masks

CLECO -Air Tools

DEWALT -Power Tools

DOTCO -Air Tools

MORSE -Bandsaw Blades, Hacksaw Blades & Holesaws

NICHOLSON -Hand Files, Drill Bits, Hand Tools

NORTH -Safety Equipment & Clothing

NORTON -Abrasives, Sandpaper, Cloth Belts, Floor Sanding Rolls & Grinding Wheels

NOR-X -Abrasives

RIDGID -Pipe Tools, Pipe Threading & Cutting Machines, Pipe Wrenches, Pipe Benders

SIMPLE GREEN -Degreasers, Disinfectants

STANLEY -Power Tools

TAGA -Abrasives

TOHO -Abrasives & Hand Tools

Company Profile

CBA Industries Pte Ltd mission is to provide quality products that will lower your manufacturing and production cost. We are fully engaged in the provision of cost efficient industrial products for the metal-working, wood-working, oil and gas, construction and cleaning industries.


Jimmy S.T. Lau founded a wholesale abrasive and distribution business in Petaling Jaya in 1975 after securing the exclusive distribution rights to Norton Abrasive Company, U.S.A. in Malaysia. He established the company to provide efficient grinding and sanding solutions to the wood and metal working sector. In 1979, he set up CBA Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. as a conversion plant to cater to the growing demand of local industries. With this plant, CBA is able to maintain competitiveness and shorten delivery lead time of sanding belts from 3 months to 3 working days.

In 1985, Norton Abrasive Co., U.S.A. awarded him the distribution rights to Singapore, thus United CBA Pte. Ltd. was incorporated that year. The distributorship in Singapore provided the base for him to source more agencies to add to CBA’s portfolio. Ridge Tool Company awarded CBA the exclusive distribution rights in 1989 to distribute their renowned pipe working tools and drain cleaning machines under the brand Ridgid and Ridgid/Kollmann in Malaysia. Their high quality threading machines and pipe wrenches enable us to service several new market sectors namely the oil & gas, piping construction and plumbing.

Through carefully managed expansion programme, he is constantly seeking new agencies and ventures to expand our products and services to meet industries demands, to be industries’ preferred industrial supplier. 

Products & Services

CBA Industries Pte Ltd works with renowned suppliers in the specific field to provide customers with quality products at affordable prices from categories including:

Abrasives for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)
Adhesives, Lubricants & Sealants
Piping & Tubing related Tools
Degreaser & Cleaning Products
Personal Protection Equipment & Clothing
Power Tool Accessories 


CBA’s diverse customer base is comprised of professionals from businesses and institutions of all sizes, Government customers include technical schools and institutions on the state and national levels. Heavy manufacturing customers are involved in plywood, furniture, metals, plumbing & constructions. Transportation customers are involved in shipbuilding, aerospace and automotive industries. Retailing customers like hardware, general & engineering and automotive aftermarket.

Commercial customers include cleaning & maintenance contractors and hotels.

Country Territory :Singapore

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