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1 Joo Yee Rd S(619197)

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21 Brands

AM -Tile Adhesive & Colour Grout

ARDEX -Tile Adhesive & Grout Addictive, Commercial Flooring, Industrial Flooring, Waterproofing

ARDEX -Conrete Repair & Grouts

BOSCH -Power Tools

CLP -Tile Adhesive, Bonding Agents

DAVCO -Tile Adhesive, Waterproofing, Technical Mortar, Flooring, Sealant & Treatment

DNT -Exterior Joint Compound

E-MIX -Tile Adhesive & Grouts, Skim Coats, Renders, Non Shrink Grouts, Floor Screeds, Admistures

ENGRO -Ordinary Portland Cement

HILTI -Construction Chemicals

HITACHI -Power Tools

LAFARGE -Ordinary Portland Cement

LANKO -Arcylic Primer, Grout

MAKITA -Power Tools

OPTIROC -Base/Mortar, Grouts & Repair Mortar, Skimcoat, Screed, Waterproofing, Tiling

QUICSEAL -Waterproofing, Sealants, Epoxies, Joint Fillers, Concrete Repairs & Additives, Tile Adhesive

RYOBI -Power Tools

S1 -Bonding Agent

SIKA -PU Sealant

UNICORN -White Cement

WARRIOR -Cement Strenghtener, Concrete Additives Coating, Concrete Waterproofing Coating

Company Profile

Buildmate (S) Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned company which was incorporated in 1998. Our extensive array of products range from general building materials, structural steel, rebar and welded mesh, cement and masonry cement, construction chemical, ready-mix concrete, sand and granite, bricks and blocks, timber and plywood, power tools and construction tools, hardware, welding, safety products and UPVC pipes and fittings, electrical products, paint and chemicals, cleaning supplies, packaging and etc.


Our Locations (Supply Warehouse):

Jurong (Head Office):
     1 Joo Yee Road, Singapore 619197
     Tel: 6631 0188  Fax: 6265 4211

Eunos (Branch):
     3 Eunos Ave 8A, Singapore 409458
     Tel: 6589 5388  Fax: 6589 5399


The Company is registered with the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) and has a L6 license that allows it to supply and handle projects of up to unlimited contract value.


We aim to be the best build mate and preferred vendor for all our customers by meeting their procurement every need at any time by providing the best service, constantly exploring and looking for better source, competitive pricing and maintaining a comprehensive inventory.

Year Established :1998

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Construction industry, Contractors and Hardware Companies.

Operating Hours :(Monday to Friday : 8am to 6pm), (Saturday : 8am to 5pm), (Sunday : 8am to 1pm @ Eunos Branch Only)

Press Release

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