Boiler & Burner Engineering Pte Ltd

16 Ayer Rajah Crescent #04-04 Tempco Technominium S(139965)

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16 Brands

AZBIL -Burner Controls & Accessories

CONECTRON -Air Damper Actuators

DURAG -Automatic Burner Control System Detectors, Automatic Burner Control System Accessories, Gas/Oil Ignitors

ELSTER KROMSCHRODER -Gas Burner Controls & Accessories

FEMA -Pressure Switches, Temperature Transmitters, Pressure Transmitters

HEGWEIN -Gas/Oil Burners & Ignitors

HONEYWELL -Burner Controls, Motor, Pressure Switches, Gas Valve, Actionator, Electric Actuator

HUGV -Universal Gas Valves

IRIS -Flame Monitoring System

JOHNSON CONTROLS -Burner Control Valve, Burner Control Accessories, Flow Switches Valve, Flow Switches Accessories

MAXON -Burners, Valves

MCDONNELL & MILLER -Boilers, Liquid Level Controls, Flow Switches

SATRONIC -Burner Controls, Burner Accessories

SIEMENS -Burner Controls, Valves & Actuators

SMITSVONK -Ignition Lances For Flares

SUNTEC -Oil Pumps, Oil Valves

Company Profile

Boiler & Burner Engineering Pte Ltd which began its operation in April 1996 aims to be a one-stop supplier of combustion control equipment & spares; providing sales, competent support and service, comprehensive inventory and value-added customized solution. It has become a major regional stockist and authorized distributor of many leading international principals, namely: Honeywell, Azbil (ex-Yamatake), Maxon, Siemens (ex-Landis & Gyr), McDonnell & Miller, IRIS, Durag and many others.


Be a major supplier and one-stop solution provider with the most complete combustion controls line in the industry.


Represent leaders in combustion technology with reliable quality products.
Partner with experts to help customers resolve their plant operational problems.
Well-stock inventory to support customers in maintaining a smooth operation.


Customer: Satisfaction from reliable products, attentive sales & after-sales service
Employee: Mutual recognition & maximization of their contribution
Principal: Mutual rapport & marketing focus towards maximizing sales return


Customers include Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Marine, Environmental, Chemicals, Power Generation, Process & Industrial Automation, Precision Engineering, Semi- Conductors, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Steel, Glass, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Bakery, Laundries, Buildings, Airlines, Automotive, Leisure, etc.


Boiler, Thermal Heater, Furnace, Baking-Curing- Drying Oven, Kiln, Incinerator, Gas Turbines, Water Treatment, Theme Parks, etc.

Country Territory :Singapore

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