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41 Brands

ADTEK -Digital Panel Meter, Counter, Transmitter

AGILENT -DMM, LCR, Clamp Meter, Calibrator

AIGO -Multi, Power Meter, Panel Meter, Isolated Transmitter, Multi Power Transducer

CENTER -Temperature Logger, Humidity Logger, Sound Level, Clamp On, Air Meter, Combustible Gas Detector

CHAUVIN ARNOUX -Electrical Test Instruments

CLARE -Electrical Test Instruments

CROPICO -Decade Resistance Box, Micro Ohmmeter, Resistance Standard

DEREE -Wireless Temperture Logger, Wireless AC/DC Clamp, Luxmeter, Insulation Meter, Digital Multimeter (DMM)

EXTECH -DMM, Clamp Meter, Air Flow Meter, Moisture Meter, IR Thermometer

FLIR -Thermal Imager

FLUS -IR Thermometer, PM 2.5 Particle Counter, Thermal Imager, Anemometer, Humidity & Temperature Tester

GOSEN METRAWATT -Testing Instruments

GRAPHTEC -Recorders, Loggers & Clamp Meters

HIOKI -Electrical & Electronic Test Instruments

HUATEC -Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Coating Thickness Gauge, Flow Detector, Hardness Tester

HVPD -PD Detector, Monitor

KAISE -DMM, Clamp Meter, EMF Meter, Insulation Tester

KIKUSUI -Hipot Tester, Resistence Tester, DC Power Supply, AC Power Supply

KYORITSU -Electrical Test Instruments

LUTRON -Anemometer, Vibration Meter, Thermometer, Power Analyzer, Recorder, Transmitter

MEGABRAS -Electrical Testing Instruments

MEGGER -Electrical Test Instruments

METROHM -Testing Instruments, HV Phasing Meter

MULTI -Electrical Testing Instruments

NISHIZAWA -Panel Meters, Multimeters, Clamp On Meters

PCE -Humidity Logger, Weather Stations, Clamp Meter, Etc

PEAK METER -Anemometer, IR Thermometer, LED Light Meter, Multimeter, RCD/Loop Tester, Insulation Tester

PINETEK -Function Generator, DC Power Supply, Oscilloscope, Diffential Probe, AC, DC Current Probe, DC HV Meter

PONOVO -Protection Relay Test Set, PCITS

PROVA -Solar Meter, Power Quality Analyzer, Clamp Meter, Calibrator

PSIBER -Cable Tool, LAN Tester

RISH -Electrical Testing Instruments

ROTOTHERM -Pressure Recorder

SCARLET -Heat Stress Meter, Wind Meter, Sound Meter

SEAWARD -High Tension Electrical Test Instruments

SEW -HV Electrical Testing Instruments

SOFAMEL -High Tension Tester, Earthing Kit, Hot Stick, HV Gloves, Safety Shoes

T & R -Electrical Test Instruments

TES -Sound Spectrum Analyzer, Battery Capacity Tester, Clamp On Meter

UNI-T -Test Instruments, Measuring Instruments

ZEIGLER -Electrical Testing Instruments

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