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108 Brands

ADVANCED ILLUMINATION -Led Back Lights, Board Area, Diffuse, Ring, Spot, Darkfield & Line Lightings For Machine Vision

AIRPAX - AI TEK -Magnetic Speed Sensors, Hall Effect Speed Sensors & Digital Tachometers

ALKON -Brass Tube Fittings, Tubing & Pneumatic Valves

ALLENAIR -Brass & SS Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders & Valves

ALL-FLO -Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

AMPCO PUMPS -Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel & Nickel Aluminium Bronze Centrifugal Pumps, Etc

ASAHI/AMERICA VALVES -Flanged Actuators, Pneumatics Actuators, Electric Actuators, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves

ASHCROFT -Pressure Gauges & Diaphragm Seals, Temperature Gauges & Transmitters

AST -Pressure Transducers

AURORA -Aluminium, Brass & SS Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders

AUTOMATIC VALVE -Solenoid & Manual Pneumatic Spool Valves

BALLUFF -Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Optical Windows, Lienar Transducers, Etc

BANJO -Gasoline Engine Powered Pumps, Polypro Hose Fittings & Valves

BANNER -Photoelectrics, Vision Sensors, Light Sensors

BARKSDALE -Pressure & Temperature Switches, Directional Control Valves, Process Indicators, Etc

BAUER -High Pressure Compressor, High Purification System

BEACH FILTERS -Desiccant Drying Filter For Extremely Clean & Dry Air

BECKER PUMP -VTF400, VT Rotary & VTLF Vacuum Pumps

BIMBA -Stainless Steel, Air Cylinders, Linear Truster, Ultran Rodless & PC Cylinders

BIOMIST -Safety Power Sprays Of Sanitizing Solution Of Concentrated Alcohols

BJM -Industrial Duty Cast Iron Pumps, Stainless Submersible Pumps

BLUE-WHITE -Variable Area Flowmeter

CHAMPION -Air Compressors Systems

CHECK ALL -Check Valves For Water, Oil & Gas

CHEMTROL -Thermoplastics Valve, Thermoplastic Fittings

CHICAGO -Pneumatic Air Compressors

COMPACT AIR PRODUCT -Snap-Cap & Husky Compact Space Efficient Pneumatic Cylinders

CONTRINEX -Inductive Proximity, Long Range, Analog Outputs, Photo Eyes, Fiber Optics, Background Suppression

CPC -Quick Disconnect Couplings, Quick Disconnect Fittings

C-TEMP -Thermocouples, RTDs


DIXON -Positive Displacement Pumps (Blade Master Pup Series)

DOLAN JENNER -Fibre Optic Ring Lighting, Back Lightings, Line Lightings. Fibre Optic Light Bundle Guides, Gooseneck Systems

DURANT -Totalizers Display, Programmable Displays

DUREX IND -Thermocouples, Cast In Heaters

DWYER -Pressure Gage, Switch & Transmitter, Flowmeter, Pitot Tube, Flow Switch & Indicator, Etc

DYNAPAR -Predetermining Counters, Rate Indicators, Counters, Encoders

DYNAQUIP -Fittings Blowgun

DYNISCO -Pressure Transducers, Burst Plugs, Instrumentation Test, Polymer Test

EAGLE SIGNAL -Electronic Totalizing Counters, Elapsed & Electronics Timers

ENERPAC -High Pressure Hydraulic Tools & Equipments

ENIDINE -Shock Absorbers, Vibration Isolation & Rate Controls

EUCHNER -Position, Multiple Limit, Safety Switches, Connectors, Inductive ID Systems, Etc

FINISH THOMSON -Horizontal Magnetic Driven Pumps, Vertical Centrifugal Pumps, Drum Pumps

FLOW TECHNOLOGY -Turbine, Magnetic, Ultrasonic & High-Shock Flow Meters

FLOWLINE -Level Switches, Transmitters, Flow Switches, Relay Controllers

FOSTER MANUFACTURING COMPANY -Quick Detachable Couplers, Hose Fittings, Blow Guns

FUTEK -Load Cells, Pressure Transducers, Rotary Torque Sensors, Reaction Torque Sensors

GRACO -Double Diaphragm Pumps

HARDY INSTRUMENT -Machine Monitors, Vibration Transmitters, Signal Conditioners 4-20mA, Vibration Switch, Vibration Sensors

HAROWE -Brushless Resolvers

HASKEL -Gas Boosters, Liquid Pumps, Air Amplifiers & High Pressure System Components

HEDLAND -Variable Area Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Turbine Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meters, Pressure Indicators

HENGSTLER -Encoders Solution

HOHNER -Hollow Shaft Encoders

HUMPHREY -Actuators Like Air Cylinders, Super Quick Exhaust Valves, Shock Absorbers, Cylinder Joints

HYDRAULICS INTERNATIONAL -Air Driven Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters, Air Amplifiers, Custom Designed Liquid Systems, Custom Designed Gas Systems

JACO -Polypropylene, Food Grade Celcon, Kynar PVDF Tubing Fittings, Connectors, Union Elbow & Tee

JORAL -Non Contact Encoders

KING INSTRUMENT -Stainless Steel Tube Flowmeter, Plastic Tube Flowmeter & Glass Tube Flowmeter

KRISTLER -Cavity Pressure Sensors, Cavity Pressure Controls

LEXAIR INC -Heavy Duty Poppet, Spool & Sleeve Valves For Air & Hydraulics

LIQUIFLO -Gear Pumps & Centrifugal Pumps Specifically For The Chemical Processing

LITTLE GIANT PUMP -Pumps For Commercial Applications, Magnetic Driven Pumps For Corrosive Chemical Applications

LMI -Analog Chemical Metering Pumps, Digital Chemical Metering Pumps

LUTZ PUMP -Drum Pumps, Mixers, Batching Control Systems

MASOSINE -Positive Displacement Pump For Sanitary & Industrial Applications

MAXPRO TECHNOLOGIES -Liquid Pump, Air Amplifier, Gas Booster, Valve, Fittings & Tubings

MDM -Sequence & Advance Brand Pumps For Industrial, Commercial & Consumer Segments

MENCOM -Cables & Receptacles, Panel Interface Connectors, Junction Blocks, Cable

MIDWEST OPTICAL -Machine Vision Filters, Lenses & Accessories

MOORE INDUSTRIES -Temperature Transmitters, Signal Conditioners, Transmitters Alarms, Isolators, Ethernet I/O

NERLITE -Illumination Systems For Machine Vision For The Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Etc

NIBCO -Fluid Handling System Plastic Pipe, Valve, Pipe Fittings

NK TECHNOLOGIES -Current Transducers/Transformers/Sensing Switches Ground Fault Sensors, AC & DC Voltage Transducers

NORTHSTAR -Heavy Duty Encoders

PENGUIN PUMP -Horizontal & Vertical Centrifugal Pumps For Chemical Applications, Filtration Systems & Mixers

PERKIN ELMER -Machine Vision Strobes

PHD -Linear Actuators, Rotary & Multi-Motion Actuators, Slides & Grippers, Proximity Switches & Sensors

PLAST-O-MATIC -Angle Relief, By-Pass, Back Pressure Valves, Teflon Diaphragm Relief, Bellows Solenoid Valves

POWEREX -Quiet Vibration Free Compressors

PROCESS PIGGING SYSTEMS -Pipeline Product Recovery Systems Using Projectiles, Manual, Semi/Fully Auto, Stand Alone

PULSAFEEDER -Electric Metering Pumps

QUICY -Air Compressors

R-K INDUSTRIES -Process Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, Vacuum Breakers & Pressure Switches

ROBOHAND -Linear Thrusters, Rotary Actuators, Feed Escapements, Grippers, Swing Clamps, Slides

ROTAN -Rotan Petrochemical Duty Series Pumps, Rotan Heavy Duty Series Pumps,Rotan Chemical Duty Series Pumps

SCHOTT-FOSTEC -Machine Vision Fiber Optic Lightings, Led Ring Lightings, Machine Vision Back Lightings

SENSOPART -Vision Sensors, Color Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Inductive Sensors

SICK -Barcode, Safety, Vision, Sensors

SNAP-TITE -Round Body Poppet & Diaphragm 2 & 3-Way Valves

STOCKER YALE -Fluorescent Circulars, Panel, Linears Lightings For Machine Vision

SULLIVAN-PALATEK -Electric Air Compressors, Diesel Driven Air Compressors, Air Dryers, Filters

SURUGA SEIKI -Manual Stages, Motorized Stages, Positioners

TEEL -Pump, Pump Accessories, Flow Switches, Seal, Gasket Kits

THORNTON -Fluid Measurement & Control, Conductivity & Resistivity Measurement, pH & ORP Measurement

TOL-O-MATIC -Grippers & Rotary Actuators, Axidyne Electric Linear Motion Actuators & Controls

TRI-TRONICS -Photoelectric Sensors, Fiber Optic Light Guides, Fibre Optic Light Controls

TURCK -Proximity Sensors, Pressure Monitors, Flow Monitors

TURN-ACT -Pneumatic Cylinders, Rotary Actuators, Multi- Motion Devices

VACCON -Venturi Vacuum Generators, Material Transfer, Amplifiers & Cups

VEEDER-ROOT -Electronics Totalizing Counters, Programmable Multicontrollers, Process Indicators

WARREN RUPP -High Quality Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

WATTS -Inline & Modular Pneumatics Filter Regulators & Lubricators

WERMA -Optical & Audible Signal Devices, Signal Towers, Beacons Buzzers, Horns

WEST -Temperature Control, Temperature Display

WILKERSON -Pneumatic FRL's, Inline & Modular & Compressor Room Products

WRIGHT FLOW TECHNOLOGIES -Positive Displacement & Centrifugal Pumps, Revolution Pump-Positive Displacement Pumps

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