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43 Brands

3M -Ear Plug, Respirators, Masks

AIR KING -Ventilators, Fans, Ducting Hose

APOLLO -Masking Tape

BIGBON -Grinding & Cutting Wheels, Wire Brush, Mop Wheel, TCT Burr

BLUE EAGLE -Welding Visor, Helmet Bracket, Face Shield

BOSCH -Power Tools

BOSNY -Acrylic Epoxy, Spray Paint

DK-LOK -S/S 316 Instrumentation Valves, S/S 316 Tube Fittings

DUKE -Hoist & Winch

DYKEM -High Purity 44

EASY PUMP -Submersible Pump, Garden Pump

ELEPHANT -Hand Tools, Spirit Levels, Measuring Tapes, Hammer Ring Spanner, Sledge Hammer

GOLD ELEPHANT -Cutting & Grinding Wheel

GOLD LION -Safety Nets, Nylon Twines, Trolley

HARU -Retractable Lifelines, Fall Arrestor Block, Rescue Tripod

JTL -S/S Valves & S/S Pumps

KAWASAKI -Chain Block, Lever Block, Lifting Clamp, Pallet Truck

KINGJET -Pressure Sprayer

LOCTITE -Adhesives

LPS -Rust Inhibitor


MAKITA -Power Tools

MARKEL -Marker

MSA -Safety Helmets

MUNHWA -Korean Paint Marker

NICHIYO -Welding Equipment & Accessories

ORIENTCRAFT -Abrasives, Grinding & Cutting Wheels

PCK -Brass Fitting

POLYFELT -Geosynthetics

PROCUT -Circular Saw Blade, Hole Saw, Annular Cutter, Drill Bit

PROLOK -Body Harness, Double Industrial Belts, Lanyard, Fall Arrester

PROSAFE -Safety Eyewear & Gloves

PUMA -Air Tools, Paint Tank, Air Dusters & Accessories

RIDGID -Machines, Hand Tools

SAKURA -Solid Markers, Paint Markers

SPERO -Professional Hand Tools

STANLEY -Hand Tools

SUNRISE -Pneumatic Fittings, Tubings, Valves

SWELOCK -Full Body Harness, Double Lanyard, Carabiner

TEFEN -Nylon Fittings, Teflon Tubings

U-BEST -Helmets

WIKA -Pressure Gauges

YAMATO -Cutting Torch, Regulators

Company Profile

Ban Soon Hardware & Hydraulic Supply was founded in the year 1988. With humble beginnings as a small start-up supplying marine & offshore products, we have grown to become a distributor, dealer, wholesaler and importer of hardware and industrial products and solutions. Today, our global supplier network includes USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.

As a one-stop hardware and industrial solutions provider, we are boosted by a comprehensive product offering. This includes our own in-house products, direct imports as well as the exclusive distributorship to some of the world's leading brands such as LPS, Prosafe, DK-Lok, Spero and Bosch Power Tools. We are dedicated to improve our product offering by bringing new and creative solutions into the market so as to meet our customer's dynamic needs.

Also, we guarantee our customers the most competitive pricing in the market without compromising on our product quality and service standards.

Lastly, we are determined to provide our customers with a top-notch service experience. Boosted by a competent sales team and a cutting edge inventory management system, BS Group can efficiently generate quotations and sales orders as well as provide instant information on stock availability, delivery status and logistic support.

Representative/CEO :Mr. James Tan / Mr. Tan Teck Leong

Business Type :Importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor

Year Established :1988

Business Market :Worldwide

No. Of Employees :50

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Marine & Offshore, Building & Construction, Manufacturing Industries, Oil & Petrochemical Industries


OEM Products :Masks, gloves, safety spectacles, fall arrestors, body harness, tie down belt, T.C.T hole saw, SDS drill bits, ventilators/fans, chain hoists, lifting clamps, gear jacks, pallet trucks, cutting nozzles, cutting torch, welding electrode, G-clamp, cable connectors, welding holders.

Operating Hours :Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 6.30pm Saturday: 8.30am to 12.30pm

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