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50 Tuas Ave 11 #01-11 Tuas Lot S(639107)

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15 Brands

ADAMS -Lubrication Equipment

CAPLUGS -Plastic Cap, Plastic Plug

CHALWYN -Shutdown Valve

DS -DS Forklift System

EE -EE Forklift System

FPE -Thermostatic, Temperature, Control Valve

GALI -Air Starters, Hydraulic Starters

LUBE -Lubricating System

POW-R-QUIK -Air Starters, Hydraulic Starters

RIGSAFE -Rigsafe Safety System


STARTWELL -Spring Starter

SUPERTRAPP -Spark Arrestors


WYNDHAM PAGE -Diesel Engine Shutdown Valve

Company Profile

Aver Vera Pte Ltd is committed to provide customised engineering solutions with strong aftersales service. It strength lie in its dedication towards unique and innovative design with strong customer care program. The company believe in “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” to all our customers and business partners.

It is founded on the principle of trust and commitment to serve our strong base of customers where no order is too small to process.

The company facility is located at 50 Tuas Avenue 11 #01-11, Tuas Lot, Jurong, Singapore 639107. The factory has an in house engineering and warehouse storage facility.

The Company aim to provide the best value in service with quality aftersales service for customers in the Asia Pacific Region that will set us apart from the highly competitive industry.

Currently, the company serve the:-

Zone 2 Air Compressors and Generators
Zone 2 Forklift Safety System
Zone 2 Electric Starters
Rig Safe Safety System for Diesel Driven Engine Equipment
DS and EE Forklift Safety Systems
Lube Lubrication Equipment and Grease Cartridge FS-2 LHL-X100 LHL300 LHL140 MPO JSO Lubricant, LFL-H1 Food Grease - with NSF H1 certification.
Engine Starting System: Pow-R-Quik Air Starter, Hydraulic Starter, Startwell Spring Starter and Dual Starting System
Engine Exhaust System: Western Tydens and Supertrapp Spark Arrestor (ATEX and non-ATEX)
Diesel Generator Packages for the Marine and Oil and Gas Industry
Wyndham Page Automatic Shutdown Valve for Diesel Driven Engine Equipment
FPE Thermostatic Control Valves
Spin-Clean Lube Oil Cleaning Centrifuge
Plastic SW Netting, T Series Plugs and Caps, Conductive Caps and Plugs for Threaded Connectors in accordance with NAS 831, NAS 831, NAS 834, NAS 837 & ASC ASP Series Threaded Aluminum Caps and Plugs
Adams Constant Level Oiler, Oil Level Gauge and Oil Window
Repair, Rental and Customization Services

Business Type :Flame-Proof Protection Safety System

Business Market :Oil & Gas, Industrial and Marine

Country Territory :Asia Pacific; Australia; Singapore

Industry Focus :Marine, Aerospace And Oil & Gas

Certification :

ISO 9001:2015

Press Release

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