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21 Brands

AICHI -Telescopic Boom Lift, Aerial Work Platform

AIRMAN -Air Compressors, Generators

ALMAND -Towerlight

BOBCAT -Skid Steer Loader

CATERPILLAR -Refurbished Forklift

DENYO -Generators, Generating Sets, Air Compressors, Welding Equipment

DOOSAN -Forklift, Material Handling Equipment

DOOSAN (IR) -Air Compressor, Air Cool After Cooler

GENIE -Self-Propelled Scissor Lift, Telescopic Boomlift, Material Telehandler, Articulated Boomlift

HERCULES -Marine Winches, Air Winch, Air Tugger

INGERSOLL-RAND -Portable Air Compressor, Air Dryer

JCB -Telehandler

JLG -Boomlift, Aerial Work Platform

LINCOLN ELECTRIC -Welding Equipment, Welding Machines

MANITOU -Telehandler, Telescopic Handlers

MILLER -Welding Equipment, Welding Machines

MITSUBISHI -Refurbished Forklift

REGAN -Generators, Towerlight

SNORKEL -Boomlift, Light Weight Boomlift

SULLAIR -Air Compressor, Air Dryer

TOYOTA -Forklifts

Company Profile

Aver Asia (S) Pte Ltd, incorporated in 1999 in Singapore, specializes in equipment rental, sales, repair and maintenance services and sales of related parts and accessories. The company services customers in the marine and shipyard industries, oil and gas industries and construction and infrastructure companies. The company provides maintenance services, replacement units for backup and 24 hour call as part of the rental services provided.

Our range or rental equipment for the industry include:

1. Air Compressor:
• Free air delivery: 175 to 1070 cfm
• Rated pressure: 100 to 350 psi
• Skid base/lifting cage/trailer mounted
• Diesel engine driven

2. Air Winch/Tugger:
• Safe working load: 3 to 10 ton
• Operating speed: 8-11 m/mm
• Operating air pressure: 6-8 bar

3. Aerial Platform/Boomlift:
• Self-propelled
• Working height: 8 to 45 meter
• Diesel engine driven
• Wheeled drive / Battery Operated
• 360 degree continuous

4. Forklift & Material Handler:
• 1.5 to 45 ton
• Diesel engine driven or battery operated
• All range of mast

5. Generator:
• 5KVA to 1400 KVA
• Diesel engine driven
• 50Hz to 60Hz

6. Rectifier/Inverter:
• DC power/AC power
• 400 to 500 amp
• AC power together with welding power
• Light weight
• 6 units per lifting rack

7. Scissor Lift:
• Self-propelled
• Working height: 4 to 18 meter
• Diesel engine driven or battery operated

8. Skid-Steer Loader (Bobcat)
• Operating capacity: 1300lbs/590kg
• Diesel engine driven

9. Welding Machine:
• DC power/AC power
• 400 to 700 amp
• AC power together with welding power
• Diesel engine driven
• Skid base/lifting cage

10. Towerlight:
• 4 x 400w
• 4 X 1000w
• Aerial Work Platform (AWP)

11. Telescopic handler:
• Diesel engine driven
• Lifting height: 7 meter to 17.5 meter
• Lifting capacity: 3,000kg to 4,000kg

12. Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) Training:
• Boomlift
• Scissorlift
• Aerial Work Platform
• Spiderlift

13. Air Receiver Tank:
• 500 to 15,000litre tank
• 150 to 300psi

14. Air Cool Aftercooler / Dryer:
• 350 to 1070 cfm
• 100 to 350 psi
• -40°C

Business Type :Rental, Sales, Repair and Maintenance Services of Construction Equipment and Heavy Machineries and its related parts and accessories. (New and Reconditioned/Used)

Year Established :1999

Business Market :Worldwide

No. Of Employees :>100

Country Territory :Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore

Industry Focus :Marine and Shipyard, Oil and Gas, Construction and Building Related

Certification :

ISO 2001, BizSafe Star, Enterprise50 (E50) Award

Press Release

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