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6 Brands

GREENMAQ -Solar Collector & Heat Pumps

HAASE -Energy Storage Tank

POTAGLAS -GRP Water Storage Tank

ROTEX -Heat Exchange, Heat Storage

SOLAHART -Solar Water Heaters

WIZARD -Heat Pumps

Company Profile

With the increasing global concern about the environmental impact of human activity and the increasing building costs and energy prices, it has created both ethical issues and additional financial requirements for companies and home owners.

Each day, efforts are being made to counter the effects of global warming. Energy used for hot water systems is a major contributor, and by reducing this energy required for hot water systems, we can play our part to reduce the effects of global warming.

Over the years, AUMADA has designed and implemented numerous hot water solutions for commercial industries such as hotels, country clubs, schools, as well as newly developed cluster housing and also individual landed homes.

Practical design and precise engineering has enabled our customers to achieve substantial energy savings, while helping to alleviate global warming at the same time.

Country Territory :Singapore

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