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Attractive Gifts – The Giving Experience.
It is not easy to find the best gift for corporate clients, business executives and office colleagues, some of whom are already used to the good things in life. However, your gifts reflect who you are, so it pays to be creative and yet selective with your choice of items.

Attractive Gifts is listed in the Singapore Book of Records as the Longest Surviving Corporate Gifts Company. In its 23 years as a gifts supplier, it has always provided best service at competitive prices. Clients are numerous and include Singapore Sports Council, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, and the PUB in the public sector, as well as corporations such as SingTel, Exxon Mobil, Philips and more.

Attractive Gifts imports original and impressive gifts directly from China, Korea, India, Vietnam and Malaysia. Some of its high-end gifts include USB devices, branded fountain pens (Montblanc, Schaeffer and more). Golf club sets, and crystal and pewter items. Prices of the products are determined by volume of purchase – the larger the order, the lower the unit price. Printing and delivery is free for bulk orders.

Attractive Gifts “The Favorite Shop” is managed by Helen Cho and its long history is proof of market savvy and success.

Helen is currently looking for bidders to develop and grow her business.

Representative/CEO :Helen Cho

Year Established :1983

Business Market :Worldwide

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Industrial and Commercial

Certification :

Singapore Book of records – Longest Surviving Corporate Gifts Company

Operating Hours :Monday to Friday: 0900hrs – 1800hrs

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