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ATT -Electric Motors

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ATT Electric & Machinery Pte Ltd was founded in the year 1981 by a group of veterans set out to bring effective solutions for every customer’s motoring needs. As an electric motor manufacturer, we have great knowledge in manufacturing tailor-made motors that can be used under special conditions. Many clients trusted us because of our expertise when it comes to customizing your required products coupled with excellent performance. With the fast paced and ever-changing market environment, our company is strongly committed to continuous innovation to provide top quality product and first-rate customer service all the time.

We have different clients including distributors, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end users in more than 70 countries. We know and understand the needs of every customer in which our company always makes sure that our products are of highest level of quality and performance. Driven by diverse specific requirements, we guarantee original mechanical and electrical solutions at very competitive pricing. We offer comprehensive range of products to cater numerous application in different markets like construction, electrical, industrial automation, agricultural, engineering, and consumer applications.

Currently, ATT Electric & Machinery Pte Ltd’s headquarter is in Singapore. We have full-fledged distributors and associates in China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Hong Kong, and Middle East. Our company is quickly expanding and consolidating a strong foothold in the global market. Using our outstanding organizational and technical expertise, ATT Electric & Machinery Pte Ltd is definitely capable of fulfilling customer’s expectations in a prompt manner and regardless of what location it would be.

Business Type :Electric Motor Manufacturer

Year Established :1981

Business Market :Worldwide

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Industrial Automation, Construction, Agricultural, Electrical, Engineering And Consumer Applications

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