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2 Brands

MINUTEMAN -Critical Filter Vacuum, Air Operated Vacuum

SOTECO -Vacuum Cleaners

Company Profile

Atos Performance Pte Ltd is a well established company since 1992. Our company specializes in providing comprehensive range of industrial vacuum and cleaning equipment. With our unparalleled years of experience in the industry, we are well entrusted with full range of Critical filter vaccum, H.E.P.A/U.L.P.A. vacuum, Air vacuum, Asbestos vacuum and many more to cater the needs of numerous applications across different industries.

Educating is important at the same time crucial in supplying innovative customized solutions for our clients. Our company focuses on educating the sales engineers and buyers on the application and item we offer. Every customer can truly rely on our durable and high quality equipment as well as our experienced, skilled, and trustworthy technical back up and spare parts.

Nowadays, in order to survive the business world, good organization should be constantly innovative. We truly value the needs and requirements of our clients, thus we focus on the top solution for their application. For an instance that we don’t have the proper product, surely we’ll let them know.

Atos Performance Pte Ltd designs and manufacture product with high level of quality and innovation. Our company always aim to meet and exceed our customers expectations, thus we tailor a remedy for their needs and requirements.

Country Territory :Singapore

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