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68 Products & Services

air aftercoolers

air compressor parts

air compressor rental service

air compressor repair service

air compressors

air compressors: 1 h.p.- 25 h.p.

air compressors: above 100 h.p.- 500 h.p.

air compressors: above 25 h.p.- 100 h.p.

air compressors: above 500 h.p.

air compressors: air cooled

air compressors: breathing air

air compressors: centrifugal

air compressors: industrial

air compressors: marine

air compressors: oil free

30 Brands

ALUP -Air Compressors

ARO -Diaphragm Pumps

ATLAS COPCO -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Service

ATS -Air Dryer

BOGE -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Service

CECCATO -Air Compressors


COAIRE -Air Compressor

COMPAIR -Air Compressor Parts

DANCOMAIR -Air Receivers

DEBEM -Pumps

DESMI -Pumps


DOMNICK HUNTER -Line Filter Element, Air Dryer Parts, Air Dryer Services

ECOAIR -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Supplies

FINI -Air Compressors

GARDEN DENVER -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Supplies

HITACHI -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Supplies

INGERSOLL-RAND -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Supplies


KAESER -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Supplies

KOBELCO -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Supplies

MASTER -Air Tools

POWER SYSTEM -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Supplies

QUINCY -Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Supplies

ROTAN -Pumps

SANDPIPER -Diaphragm Pumps

SULLAIR -Air Compressor Parts

ULTRAFILTER -Line Filter Element

WILDEN -Diaphragm Pumps

Company Profile

Atom-Drive Pte Ltd is an Air Compressor, Industrial Chiller & Pump Company in Singapore. Specialty:Main Distributor in Singapore, Direct Sales,  Overhaul/Repair, Contract Servicing and turn-key projects to industries involving engineering, installation and the supply of ancillary equipments associated with HVAC and Process Flow System.

We have the facility to rebuilt and service complete Compressor and Pump systems and pride ourselves on providing efficient, dependable quality service for all our customers thereby achieving and maintaining long standing contract customers in the government and private sectors namely to list a few,

• ExxonMobil Asia Pacific
• Chemical Specialties Ltd (Jurong Island)
• Bergesen DY Offshore AS
• SBM (FPSO Eagle, FPSO Falcon etc.)
• RSAF-Military Air-base
• Singapore Technologies (ST Electronics)

Our Mission Statement

• Atom-Drive System strives on providing reliable and trustworthy services to all our customers.
• Each service is individually tailored towards the needs of the customers for we believe every customer and organization is unique and should never fall under a GENERILIZED category.
To provide comprehensive resources to enable customers to concentrate on their core business and not be side-tracked, worrying about everyday manufacturing / production operations.

Representative/CEO :Mr. Dixon Sing

Business Type :Distributor & Dealer. Provide Maintenance Services, Pipe-Work and Installation Services

Year Established :1999

Business Market :Worldwide

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :To industry involving engineering, installation and the supply of all ancillary equipment associated with Compressor and Pump

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