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76 Products & Services

alarm panels

alarms: audible & visual

automation systems & equipment

boat equipment & supplies

cables: marine


communication equipment


controls: marine

controls: tank level


detectors: fire & smoke

detectors: flame

doppler log

echo sounders

114 Brands

APOLLO -Smoke & Heat Detectors

ASACOM -Telephones, Intercoms, PA Systems, Communication Systems

ATLAS -Marine Navigation & Communication Systems

ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC -Echo Sounders & Sub Bottom Profilers

AUTRONICA -Fire & Gas Detection Systems, Monitoring & Alarm Systems

AUXITROL -Tank Level Gauging, Pressure & Temperature Sensors

CALGAZ -Calibration Gas Mixtures & Kits

CERBERUS -Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

CMR -Marine CCTV, Communication & Navigation Systems

COMTROL -Data Communications

CONTOIL -Flowmeters, Oil Flow Measurements, Water Flow Measurements

COOPER -Hazardous, Weather Proof Audio & Visual Alarms, Emergency Communication Systems

COOPER -Fire Detection Systems

CRANFORD CONTROLS -Fire & Security Systems, Sounders & Beacons, Door Retainers

DNH -Ex-Proof Marine Loudspeakers, Ex-Proof Industrial Loudspeakers

DRAGER -Gas Detection Systems

E2S -Alarm Sounders, Sirens, Horns, Signalling Devices

ELOMEK -Marine Electromagnetic Doorholders

ELTEK -Fire Detection & Alarm System

ENRAF MARINE -Marine Level Measurement System

EXTRONICS -Intrinsically Safe & Ex-Proof Equipment

FEDERAL SIGNAL -Audible & Visual Warning Devices

FHF -Marine, Industrial & Ex-Proof Telephones, Beacons, Sirens, Sounders, Horns

FIAMM -Batteries, UPS & Acoustic Warning Devices

FIRE SENTRY -Fire Detection Systems

FIREFLY -Fire Protection Systems, Flame Detectors, Spark Detection

FIRERAY -Fire Detection, Beam Smoke Detectors

FLAMTRON -Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems, Flame Detectors

FMS -Marine Power Supply

FUNKE & HUSTER FERNSIG -Ex-Proof Telephones & Signalling Devices

FURUNO -GMDSS, Radars, Navigation Systems

GAITRONICS -Telephony Equipment, Communication Systems, Radio Dispatch & RF Products

GENT -Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

GRAVINER -Oil Mist Detectors

GW -Marine Sprinkler Systems, Nozzles, Control Valves

HANSHIN -Marine CCTV, Communication & Navigation Systems

HDM TECH -Marine CCTV, Communication & Navigation Systems

HEKATRON -Smoke & Fire Detectors

HONEYWELL -Smoke Detectors, Flame Detectors, Fire Security System, Toxic Gas Detectors, Flammable Gas System

HOSE-MCCANN -Telephones, Intercoms, Sound Powered, PA & Communication Systems

HSI FIRE -Smoke & Heat Detector Testing Kits

HYFIRE -Wireless Fire Solutions, Fire Detection & Alarm Equipment

ICOM -Portable Radios, Walkie Talkies

INTER-M -Audio Systems, Video Systems, CCTVs

JRC -GMDSS, Radar, Integrated Navigation Systems

KENTEC -Fire Detection System

KIDDE -Fire Detection & Protection System

KONGSBERG -Positioning Systems, Surveying Systems, Navigation Systems, Automation Systems

KRUPP ATLAS -Echo Sounders, Communication & Navigation Systems

MARINEX -Marine Telephone Systems

MARTEK -Brigde Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS), Gas Detection, Tank Gauging

MCMURDO -EPIRB, SART & Hand-Held Radios

MEDC -Explosion proof Visual, Audible Alarms, Horns, Loudspeakers

MENVIER -Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

MICRODATA -Fire Detection Systems, Bilge Water Detection Systems, Engine Order Systems

MICROPACK -Flame Detection & Simulation

MINERVA -Fire Alarm & Detection Systems & Peripherals

MORLEY -Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems

MOTOROLA -Portable Radios, Portable Walkie Talkies

MRC -Marine CCTV, Communication & Navigation Systems

NAVGARD -Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)

NEOTRONICS -Portable Gas Detectors

NET SAFETY -Oil Mist Detectors, Air PArticle Monitors, Flame Detectors, Test Lamps

NHE-OKI -Fire Detection & Marine Communication Systems

NIPPON HAKUYO ELECTRONICS -Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems, Marine Communication Systems

NITTAN -Valve & Control System

NO CLIMB -Smoke & Heat Detector Testing Kits

NOHMI BOSAI -Fire Detectors, Fire Alarm Systems

NORCONTROL -Positioning Systems, Surveying Systems, Navigation Systems, Automation Systems

NOTIFIER -Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems

OKI -Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems, Marine Communication System

OMNIGUARD -Fire Protection Systems, Flame Detectors, Spark Detection

PELCO -CCTVs & Peripherals

POLYMETRON -Analytical Testing & Measurement Instruments

PYROTRONICS -Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

SAFETEC -Fire Detection System, Sprinkler Alarm System

SAFETY SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY -Fire Detection System, Gas Detection System

SAM ELECTRONICS -Echo Sounder, Communication System, Navigation System

SAMYUNG -GMDSS, EPIRB, Navigation Systems

SARACOM -Fire Alarm, Navigation & Communication Systems

SEAPLUS -Fire Detection System

SENSEWARE -Fire & Gas Detection System

SERVOTEKNIKK -Marine Communication System

SHARPEYE -Flame & Gas Detectors, Fire Extinguishing Systems

SIEGER -Fixed Gas Detection Systems

SIMTRONICS -Fire & Gas Detection System

SKIPPER -Speed Logs, Electromagnetic Logs, Echo Sounders

SKUM -Fire Fighting Monitors

SOLO -Smoke & Heat Detector Testing Kits

SPECTOR LUMENEX -Public Address & Communication Equipment

SPECTREX -Flame & Gas Detectors, Fire Extiguishing Systems

SST -Fire Detection Systems, Gas Detection Systems

STAHL -Explosion Proof CCTV Systems, Lightings

STEENHANS -Marine Telephone, Sound Powered Telephone, Public Address System

STENTOFON -Intercom & Communication System

STN-ATLAS -Echo Sounders, Communication & Navigation Systems

SYSTEM SENSOR -Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors

TALENTUM -Flame Detection, Flame Detectors, Spark Detectors

TELEINDUSTRIA -Telephones & Communication Systems, Acoustic Booths, Beacons, Loudspeakers

TESTIFIRE -Multi Stimulus Detector Tester

THORN -Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Detection Systems, Fire Alarm Peripherals

THORN SECURITY -Fire Alarm & Detection Systems & Peripherals

TOKIMEC -Marine Fire Detection System

TRILUX -Lights, Light Fittings, Light Fixtures

TYCO -Fire Alarm & Detection Systems & Peripherals

VALCOM -Oil Mist Detectors, Electronic Transmitters & Sensors

VESDA -Air Sampling Smoke Detectors


VINGTOR -Telephones, Intercoms, PA & Communication Systems

VODEC -Intercom, Public Address & General Alarm, Page Party, Telephone Systems

WHEELOCK -Hazardous, Weatherproof Audio & Visual Alarms, Emergency Communication Systems

WORMALD -Fire Protection & Safety Systems

ZELLWEGER ANALYTICS -Toxic Gas & Fire Detection Systems, Flammable Gas & Fire Detection Systems

ZENITEL -Telephones, Intercoms, PA & Communication Systems

Company Profile

Based in Singapore, Atlas Technologies Corporation Pte Ltd was founded on a fundamental passion to provide and service the industry with genuine, reliable and quality products. We operate within industry standards and comply with legislations and guidelines for best practice.

We are committed to deliver the highest quality in all areas of our business, using safe and cost efficient operational methods. With a robust management and proven record for the past decade, we strive to be your preferred International partner. Our global mindset and vision, and accumulated expertise enables us to offer you market leading solutions.

Today our capabilities allow us to provide expert solutions for a number of industries.
- Offshore Oil and Gas
- Commercial Marine
- Navy
- Ship Building
- Industrial Gas

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Business Market :International

Country Territory :World Wide

Industry Focus :Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas, Ship Building

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