Astic Scientific Technology

2 Bt Batok St 24 #05-09 SkyTech S(659480)

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18 Brands

ARROW -Laboratory Pneumatic Air Machines, Electric Stirring Machines

BIUGED -All Paint, Ink & Coating Test Equipment

BYK GARDNER -Glossmeters, Hazemeters (Opaque & Transparent), Color Spectrophotometers, Orange-Peel Meters.

COFOMEGRA -Table Top Xenon Lamp Accelerated Weathering Test Chambers, Salt Spray Chambers, Cyclic Corrosion Chambers

DISPERMAT -Laboratory & Production High-Speed Dispersion Machines, Horizontal Bead Milling Machines

GP INSTRUMENTS -Color Matching Cabinets, Gloss, Opacity Meters, Fineness Of Grind Gauges, FORD Cups, Zahn Cups, DIN Cups

GP INSTRUMENTS -Cross-Cut Testers, Impact Testers, Mandrel Bending Testers, Cupping Testers, Pencil Hardness Testers, Linear, Abrasion Tests

KERN -Pocket Size Balance, Low Cost Balance, Precision Balance, Analytical Balance, Platform Balance, Hanging Balances

LENETA -Full Range Of Black-White Opacity Charts, Scrub Panels & Applicators

LENETA -Paint Opacity Black & White Charts, Ink Opacity Black & White Charts, Coating Opacity Black & White Charts, Wine Opacity Black & White Charts, Anti-Sagging Opacity Black & White Charts

PERMACEL -Cross-Cut Testings Adhesion Tapes

POSITECTOR -Electronic Thickness Meters For Coatings On Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Substrates.

POSITECTOR -Coating Ultrasonic Meter Thickness Measurements

QNIX -Coating Thickness Gauges

RED DEVIL -Vortex Mixers, Paint Shakers Auto Platform Shakers, Gyro Mixers,

RED DEVIL -Medium & Large Colorant Dispensers

RESEARCH EQUIPMENT -Cone & Plate Viscometers, KU Viscometers, Gel Timer

TQC -Paint Testing Equipment

Company Profile

Astic Scientific Technology specialize in Ink Rub Testers, Ink Proof Machines, Cones & Plate / Spindle / KU Viscometers, Laboratory UV Curing Machines, Printing Colour Densitometers, Paint Mixers / Shakers / Stirring Machines, Hand-Held Mixers, Black & White Opacity Test Charts, Paper & Glue Testers.

Country Territory :Singapore

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