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39 Jln Pemimpin #02-03 Tai Lee Ind Bldg S(577182)

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32 Brands

ABLE -Chain Block, Lever Block, Plain Trolley, Geared Trolley, Shackle, Webbing Sling

AMX -Overhead Cranes, Slewing Jibs, Monorail System, Material Lift, Aerial Work Platform

AMX -Hand Winch Lift, Drum Tilting Trucks, Electric Order Picker, Festoon Cable, Festoon Conductor System

AMX -Hydraulic Stackers, Presses, Floor Cranes, Truck Cranes, Drum Lift Truck, Drum Carrier Trucks

AMX -Roller Skates, Pallet Lifter (Crane Fork), Steel Jack & Lift Table, Drum Handling Equipment

AMX -Personnel Lift, Floor Crane c/w Counter Weight, Drum Porter & Drum Tilter

BLACK BEAR -Chain Hoists, End Carriage

CHUN CHAN -Electric Winch Frames, Crane Frames

DIN -Hand Pallet Trucks,Roll Pallet Truck & Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

ENDO -Spring Balancers

FITOP -Wire Rope, Chain Hoist, Cranes

FUJI SEIKO -Handy Winches, Portable Winches

FUJISEIKO -Hoists, Winches

G H -Hoists, Cranes

GENIE -Lift Truck, Aerial Work Platform

J-MAX -Mini Electric Hoist

JSB -Chain & Lever Hoist & Trolley & Material Handling Equipment

KAMIUCHI -Wire Rope Hoists, Cranes

KDN -Festoon Cable System & Conductor System

KX -Electric Winch, Mini-Electric Hoist

MIRAI -Cable Carriers

NIPPON -Wire Rope Hoists, Cranes, Trolleys

NIPPONJACK -Hand Pallet Truck

NITCHI -Electric Chain Hoists, Trolleys, Chain Block & Lever Block

PH -Beam Clamps, Plain Trolley, Geared Trolley, Grip Puller, Chain, Level Block, Manual Winch

PH -Webbing Sling, Ratchet Lashing, Digital Load Indicators

PRESTAR -Platform Truck

TACOMAN -Tripod Head

TOKU -Air Winch, Air Hoist Winch, Air Mucking Winch

VITAL -Chain Hoists, Lever Hoists, Trolleys

WEBSTER -Webbing Slings

WINTEC -Wire Rope Winches

Company Profile

AMX Group is a company characterized by dynamic growth with a strong presence across ASEAN, South Asia and the Middle East. AMX Group is divided into 5 Business Divisions, mainly: Material Handling Division, Hoist & Crane Division, Drum Handling Division, Lifting Accessories Division, and lastly, Service & Spare Division. We are a Manufacturer, Sole Agent, One of the Largest Stockist and One-Stop Centre for many major brands. 

Representative/CEO :Philip Lim

Business Type :Manufacturer, Sole Agent & One of the Largest Stockist for Material Handling Equipment, Lifting Gear & Drum Lifting Equipment

Year Established :1988

Business Market :28 Countries Asia-Wide

No. Of Employees :27

Country Territory :Brunei Darussalam; Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam

Industry Focus :Marine Offshore, Manufacturing Plant, Factory, Construction, Warehousing, Shipyard, Oil Rig, Offshore Platform & Cleanroom Manufacturing

Certification :

Biz Safe

OEM Capability :Hydraulic Stacker, Drum Porter, Drum Lifter, Pillar Jib Crane, A-Frame Crane, EOT Crane & Hand Winch Lift Truck, C-Track, Busbar, Lift Table, Stationery Table Aerial Work Platform, Material Lifter, Webbing Sling Chain Block, Lever Block, Cargo Block, Ladder, Roller Skates, Toe Jack, Floor Crane

Quality Control :JIS, GS, FEM, ISO, SS120, MOM, CE, TUV & ABS

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