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70 Brands

AET -High Pressure Cleaners, Generators

AET -Construction Tools & Eqpt, Lubricants, Copper Anti-Seize Compound, Wet & Dry Vacuum

ALKITRONIC -Torque Multipliers

ATLANTIC -Welding Electrode

BENZ -Drill Bit & Hole Saw

BOSCH -Electrical Power Tools, Electrical Power Accessories

BRAZETEC -Brazing Rod

BRITOOL -Torque Wrenches

CIGWELD -Welding Equipment & Accessories

CLIP-ON -Hand Tools, Socket Wrenches & Spanners

CURVAMATIC -Hydraulic Pipe Bender

CURV-O-MARK -Pipe Fitting, Welding Tools

DEVCON -Plastic Steel

DEWALT -Electrical Power Tools, Electrical Power Accessories

ECLIPSE -Saw Blade


ENAMAX -Welding Adhesive

ENDO -Air Chain Hoist, Balancer

ENERPAC -Hydraulic Jack, Cylinder, Pump, Motor

ENPAC -Spill Containment System

ENWARE -Safety Products

FAST CUT -Abrasive Surface Grinding Products, Sanding Products

FLUKE -Measuring Tools

GARRYSON -Abrasive Surface Grinding, Finishing & Sanding Products, Tungsten Carbide Cutting Burr

GOLIATH -Hand Tap, Dies Set

GREEN LEE -Hand Tools, Pipe Bender

IGLOO -Water Cooler

KANAZAWA -Material Handling Equipment, Lubricating Equipment, Hydraulic Products, Hand Tools

KLAUKE -Hydraulic Hole Punch, Hydraulic Bender, Hydraulic Pump, Termination Tools

KYOWA -Pressure Test Pump

LANDA -Wastewater Evaporator, Part Washer Machines, Water Recycle Unit, Hot High-Pressure Water Cleaner, Cold High-Pressure Water Cleaner

LOCTITE -Adhesives

LPS -Industrial Lubricant & Chemical

MAGLITE -Torchlights

MAKITA -Electrical Power Tools

MAROLEX -Professional Sprayer & Gardener Tools

MATHEY DEARMAN -Pipe Marking Tools, Welding Tools

NETSUREN -Material Handling Clamp, Material Handling Hook, Material Handling Wedge

NIKKEN RESIBON -Abrasive Grindings, Finishing Products, Sanding Products, Flexible Disc, Diamond Blades, Cutting Wheels

NITTI -Safety Shoes

NITTO -Pneumatic & Hydraulic Coupling, Hydraulic Punchers

NKS -Pneumatic Construction Tools

NSB -Shear Wrench

NSK -Industrial Brush

OGURA -Hydraulic Hole Punch & Bender

ONISHI -Portable Blower Fan

OSAKA JACK -Gear Jack, Lifter

PRESTAR -Trolleys

PROMAX -Hand Tools, Socket Wrenches, Spanners

PROTOOLS -Hand Tools, Socket Wrenches, Torque Wrenches, Spanners

REED -Pipe Tools

RIDGID -Professional Pipe Working Tools

ROYAL MASTER -Hydraulic Hole Punch

SALA -Safety Products

SHINTO -Pneumatic Engineering Tools, Construction Tools

SK -Precision Measuring Gauge, Precision Measuring Instrument

SNAP-ON -Hand Tools

SPILL STATION -Safety & Spill Control

SWELOCK -Safety Products

THREEBOND -Adhesive & Chemical Bonding

TIGAIR -Pneumatic Heavy Duty Saw

TIGER -Safety Shoe

TOMOSADA -Grout Pump

UNIBOR -Magnetic Drill

UNICUT -Magnetic Drill, Hole Saw, Hacksaw Blade, Carbide Burr, Finishing Products & Accessories

VITAL -Manual Chain Hoist Trolley, Level block

WELDMASTER -Portable Blower Fans, Welding Equipment & Accessories

WILLIAMS -Hand Tools

WIND YAMA -Portable Blower Fan

YAMADA -Oil & Grease Lubricating Equipment

Company Profile

Established in 1982, Allinton Engineering & Trading Pte Ltd plays a dynamic role as the one stop solution provider in the supply of quality hardware tools and equipment to local and overseas customers.

We cater to a wide spectrum of markets such as Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas, Shipyards, Construction, Petrochemical and Manufacturing. As a rapidly expanding business, we continually seek to diverse our services into more sectors.

To provide customers with the best quality products, we carry an extensive and comprehensive range of equipment from renowned brands such as AET, Fastcut, Kanazawa, Nikken Resibon, Protools, Swelock, Unicut, Weldmaster, Ridgid and Dewalt, etc.

With a strong team of over 100 dedicated full time staff and a large warehouse of over 30,000 sq ft in Tuas, Allinton is able to provide clients with fast delivery and quality sales support.


To be the leading ONE STOP hardware solution provider, delivering fast, efficient and customised solutions to meet our customers’ sourcing requirements.


To set the professional standard in the hardware distribution industry with superior services and a wide range of products at competitive pricing.


  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Excellent after sales support

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