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57 Brands

AUTONICS -Automation Control Components, Controllers, Sensors, Counters, Fibre Meter

CARLO GAVAZZI -Digital Panel Meters, Electronics Switch & Control Gear, Energy Power Analyzers, Mechanical Relays

CARLO GAVAZZI -Relay, Safety Devices, Sensors, Timer, Safety, Machine Safety Products, Photoelectric Sensors

CARLO GAVAZZI -Fiber-Optic Sensors, Digital Panel Meters

CARLO GAVAZZI -Timer Automation Control Components, Control & Monitoring Modules, Proximity Sensors

CHEIL -Circuit Breakers, Circuit Protector

CRYDOM -Control Relay, Digital I/O Modules, Hybrid Contactors, PCB Modules, Solid State Relay

DACO -Circuit Breakers

DAERYUK -Circuit Breakers, Circuit Protector, Electric, Explosive Lighting, Marine, Marine Light

DHM -Power Supply, Switching Mode Power Supply

DUPLINE -Fieldbus, Multiplexer

EDWARDS SIGNALING & SECURITY S -Revolving Lights, Signal Tower Light & Revolving Light, Tower Lights

ELECTROMATIC -Monitoring Relay, Timers, Parts Automation

ELETTROTEC -Pressure Switches, Vacuum Switches, Pressure Switches

EOCR -Multi Function Motor Protection Relay, Monitoring Relay

EUROTHERM -Controllers, Recorders, Temperature Controllers & Thermocouples, Thrusters

FAIRFORD -Soft Starters, Softstarter

FEME -Relays

FINE SUNTRONIX -Switching Power Supply, Solid State Relay, Switching Mode Power Supply & Noise Filter


HANYOUNG -Industrial Control Automation, Sensors, Timer, Temperature Controllers, Tower Light, Towerlight

HIGEN -Servo Motors, Servo Drives

ISM -Converters, Counters, Indicators, Transmitters

IXYS -Power Semiconductors, Integrated Circuits, Mosfet Devices, Microcontrollers

KACON -Bells, Buzzers, Limit Switches Sirens, Tower & Foot Switches, Switches

KOINO -Automatic Control Components, Timber

KONICS -Controls, Converters, Digital Indicators, Digital Pressure Gauge, Gauges

KONICS -Graphic Intelligent Indicators, Hybrid Recorder, Indicator, Intelligent

KONICS -Pressure Indicator & Control Transmitter, Recorders, Sensors & Controller, Thermometer

LG INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS -PLC, Programmable Logic Controllers, SCADA, Variable Speed Drives, A/C Inverters

LG INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS -Variable Frequency Drive

LIGHT STAR -Digital Panel Meters, Panel Meters

LS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM -PLC, Programmable Logic Controllers, SCADA, Variable Speed Drives, A/C Inverters

LS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM -Variable Frequency Drive

LUXCO -Monitoring Relay

PITTMAN -Servo Motors, Servo Drives

Q-LIGHT -Obstruction Lights, Signal Phone, Explosion- Proof Warning, Heavy Duty, Obstruction

RED LION -Data Station Plus, Industrial Control Products, Industrial Monitoring & Control, Communication

SAIET -Automation Components, Safety Controls

SAM-A -Power Supplies, Power Supply, Switching Mode Power Supply

SAMWHA -Capacitors Components, Electrolytic Capacitors, Monitoring Relays

SAMWHA -Multi Function Motor Protection Relay, Passive Components

SAMWON -Electronic Component, EMI Noise Filters, Switching Mode Power Supplies

SAMWONTECH -Environment Controller, Humidity, Temperature


SANREX -Power Modules, SCR, Thruster

SCHUHMANN MESSTECHNIK -Industrial Control Automation

SHINHO -Surge Arrestor, Digital Indicator, Signal Converter

SK SAFETY -Photoelectric Sensor, Safety, Machine Safety Products

SUNGHO -Components For Controls, Controls Components, Detection Components, Relay, Sensors

SUNGHO -Signaling & Detection, Signaling Components, Switches

WESTCODE -Power Modules, Power Semiconductors, Power Semiconductors, SCR, Thruster

WOONYOUNG -Relays, Solid State Relay, SSR

WORLDTECH -Solid State Relay, Switching Mode Power Supply, Noise Filter, Switching Power Supply

WYES -Relays, Solid State Relays, SSR

YONGSUNG -Buzzers, Control Components, Control Switches, Emergency Stop Switches, Indicating Light

YONGSUNG -Push Button Switches, Relay Sockets, Relays, Switches, Switch, Timers

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