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40 Brands

ADVANCED INSTRUMENTS -Oxygen Monitor/Analyser

AIR LIQUIDE WELDING -Automatic Cutting Systems

ANDERSON -Wire Wheel & Cup Brushes

AQUASOL -Dissolving Paper, Dissolving Tape, Fiback Welding Backing Tape, Fiback Welding Backing SoluGap

ARCAIR -Gouging Torches, Machines & Gouging Carbon

CIGWELD -Welding Equipment & Electrodes

COPIER -Stationary Pipe Bevelling And Cut & Bevel Machines

DEWALT -Electrical Power Tools

DMI -Pneumatic Line-Up Clamps, Hydraulic Facing Machines, Launchers, Benders, Cradles, Slings

ESCO TOOL -Superior Quality Formed Tool Bevelling Machines

EWM -Manual & Semi-Auto Hot Wire Tig Welding System With Dynamic Feature For Very High Productivity

GAL -Welding Gauges

KIMBERLY-CLARK -Industrial Wipers, Industrial Masks, Industrial Degreaser, Chemical Resistant PPE

NORTON -Abrasive Grinding & Cutting Wheels

OERLIKON -Full Range Of Welding Consumables, Welding & Cutting Automation

OERLIKON -Welding & Cutting Automation, Electrodes

ORBITEC -Orbital Welding Equipment & Oxygen Analyser

PANASONIC -Inverter Design FCAW Power Source With Feeder & Welding Robots

PANASONIC -Inverter Type FCAW Package & Welding Robots

REVOLLOY -Titanium & Copper Alloy Welding Consumables, Silver Brazing Rods

REVOLT -Welding Accessories, Welding Cable, Pneumatic Tools, Welding Apparels, Gas Hoses

REVOLT -Abrasive & Tungsten Carbide Burrs

REVOWELD -Automatic Welding System

SAFE-D-LOCK -Safety Product-Lock Out Tag Out System

SANDVIK -Duplex, Super Duplex, Picking Paste, Trip Electrode

SANDVIK -Super Duplex & Duplex Stainless Welding Consumables, Pickling Paste & Etc

SAWYER -Pipe Cutting, Bevelling Machine & Handling Tools

SENSEAR -Hearing Protection & Communications Systems For Loud Noise Environment

SPA WELDING -Extended Life Torch Consumables, Extended Life Customized Torches

SQWINCHER -Rehydration Products Tools To Prevent Heat Injury

STOODY -Nickel Based Cored Wires, Hard Surfacing Flux Cored Wires

TECHALLOY -Nickel Welding Consumables, Copper Based Welding Consumables

TEMPINDIC -Temperature Indicating Crayons

THERMOLABEL -Temperature Indicating Labels

VERMAAT -Automatic Welding System

VICTOR -Cutting & Gas Apparatus


WELDLINE -Welding Accessories

WELD-TEC -Welding Accessories


Company Profile

Allalloy Dynaweld was formed on 8th January 2008. It is managed by a team of personnel with more than 10 years of experience in the welding market.


Our objective
To become a valuable partner in our customer supply chain by providing quality welding consultancy services and solutions, to enhance our customer’s productivity. This can be achieved with our many years of experience and will always recommend processes that reduce wastage and increase welding efficiency.


Our mission
Delivering high end filler metals, welding machines, accessories and consumables that enhance our customer’s productivity and throughput.
Increasing their efficiency and reducing cost.
Be our customers and partners preferred partner by providing complete welding solutions.


- Marine, Oil & Gas Fabricators.
- Offshore Pipe Laying Constructors.
- Power Plant And Petrochemical Construction.

To build AllAlloy as the brand that means creativity, reliability, technical superiority, friendliness and honesty to our customers, partners and stakeholders.

Representative/CEO :Victor Khaw (General Manager)

Business Type :Trading

Year Established :2008

Business Market :Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China

Country Territory :Singapore

Industry Focus :Marine, Oil & Gas Fabricators, Offshore Pipe Laying Constructors, Power Plant & Petrochemical Construction

Certification :

ISO 9001:2000 Accredited

Operating Hours :Monday to Friday: 0900 – 1800 hrs

Press Release

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