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112 Brands

386 -Crane Safe Load Indicator

3X ENGINEERING -Composite Pipe Repair Specialist

ACTA -Cranes, Crane Repair, Crane Parts

AKER -Crane Repair, Crane Parts

ALATAS -Crane Service/Parts

AMCLYDE -Offshore Crane, Parts



BARMAG -Hydraulic Valve Blocks

BEHRINGER -Hydraulic Valve Blocks

BLM -Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

BLM-HYDRALIFT -Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

BMC-BAKER MARINE CRANE -Cranes, Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

BONFIGLIOLI -Rope Winches & Gearboxes

BOSCH REXROTH -Hydraulic Valves, Pumps, Motors

BRADEN -Gearboxes & Rope Winches

BREVINI -Gearboxes & Rope Winches

BRISSONNEAU & LOTZ MARINE -Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

BUCHER -Hydraulic Valve Blocks & Pumps

BUCYRUS-ERIES -Offshore Cranes

DENISON -Hydraulic Valves, Pump Parts, Pump Accessories, Pump Repair

DINAMIC OIL -Gearboxes, Repair, Parts

DONG NAM -Service Crane, Parts, Marine Crane

EBERLE -PLC Control System

EFFER -Cranes, Crane Repairs, Cranes Parts

FAVELLE FAVCO -Cranes, Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

FUCHS FORDERTECHIK AG -Sales Service, Parts, Repair


FUKUSHIMA -Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

GALION -Crane Parts

GESSMAN -Joystick & Electrical Parts

GUVEN -Grabs, Sales, Service Parts & Crane Accessories

HAEAN -Sales Service, Parts, Repair

HAGGLUNDS -Crane Service, Crane Parts

HAGGLUNDS-MTT -Crane Service, Crane Parts

HEILA -Marine Cables, Sales, Spare Parts & Service

HOCHANG -Service Crane, Marine Crane

HOESCH ROTHE ERDE -Slewing Bearing

HUISMAN -Offshore Crane, Services, Parts

HYDAC -Hydraulic Accumulator & Filter

HYDRALIFT -Crane Repair, Crane Service

HYDRAMARINE -Cranes, Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

IHI -Deck Cranes, Deck Crane Parts, Deck Crane Repair

IHI-WUHAN -Deck Cranes, Deck Machinery, Repairs/Parts

ITALGRU -Sales Service, Parts, Repair

KATO -Crane Parts

KAWASAKI -Cranes, Crane Parts

KENZ -Offshore Crane Sales, Offshore Crane Parts, Offshore Crane Service

KGW -Marine Crane Parts

KGW-LUZHOU -Cranes, Crane Repair, Parts

KOBELCO -Crane Parts & Service

KRUPP -Maritime Crane Parts

LE TOURNEAU -Crane, Crane Parts

LIEBHERR -Crane Repairs, Parts

LINDE -Hydraulic Valves, Pump Parts, Accessories, Repair

LINKBELT -Crane Parts

LMG -Maritime Cranes Sales, Maritime Cranes Parts, Maritime Cranes Repair

LOHMANN & STOLTERFOHT -Gearboxes, Parts, Repair

LORAIN -Cranes Parts

MACGREGOR -Crane Repair, Crane Parts

MANITEX -Cranes, Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

MANITOWOC -Cranes Parts

MAPE -Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

MELCAL -Marine Cranes


MIPEG -Crane Safe Load Indicator

MITSUBISHI -Deck Machinery & Cranes


NACHI -Pumps, Motors & Valve

NAUTILUS -Offshore Crane Parts

NMF -Crane Repairs, Parts

NORLIFT -Crane Parts

NORMARINE -Maritime Crane Parts

O & K -Maritime Crane Parts

OIL STATES -Offshore Crane, Repair, Parts

ORTLINGHAUS -Lamella Brakes

ORTS GRABS -Sales, Services, Parts

P & H -Crane Parts

PACCAR -Gearboxes & Rope Winches

PARKER -Pumps, Valves


PEINER GRABS -Sales, Service, Parts, Crane Accessories

PIPE REPAIR KIT -Emergency Pipe Repairs, Pipe Corrosion Protection, Pipe Corrosion Prevention

RAPP-IT -Pipe Repair Bandages, Emergency Pipe Repair Kit, Pipe Sealant Kit-Sales

REXROTH -Hydraulic Valves, Pump Parts, Accessories, Repair

ROBWAY -Crane Safe Load Indicator

SAUER-DANFOSS -Gearboxes, Parts & Repair

SCM -Maritime Cranes, Maritime Crane Parts

SEAHORSE -Cranes, Crane Parts

SEAKING -Offshore Crane, Services, Parts

SEATRAX -Offshore Crane, Services, Parts

SIEBENHAAR -Gearboxes, Parts & Repair

SKK -Floating Cranes, Dredging Cranes, 4-Rope Cranes & Grab Crane

SMAG -Grab Repair, Service, Parts

SMAG PEINER GRAB -Crane Sales, Cranes Services, Crane Accessories , Crane Parts

SPOHN & BURKHARDT -Joystick Controller

STIEBEL -Gearboxes, Gearbox Parts

TAE KWANG PROVISION CRANES -Marine Crane Sales, Parts, Repairs

TECH FLOWER -Cranes, Crane Repair, Parts

TEREX-DEMAG -Crane, Parts, Services

TOBU -Grabs, Sales, Service Parts, Crane Accessories

TSUJI -Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

TTS -Crane Parts & Services

TTS-LMG MARINE CRANES -Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

TTS-MARINE -Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

UCHIDA -Hydraulic Valves, Pump Parts, Accessories, Repair

VEROPE -Wire Ropes - Non-Rotating

WEATHERFORD -Crane Repairs, Crane Parts

WMMP (WUHAN MARINE MACHINERY P -Deck Cranes, Deck Machinery, Repairs/Parts

WYLIE -Crane Safe Load Indicator

YUKEN -Hydraulic Valves, Pump Parts, Pumps Accessories, Valves Accessories, Pumps Repair, Valves Repair

ZOLLERN -Gearboxes, Gearbox Parts, Gearbox Repairs

Company Profile

ALATAS Cranes Services Worldwide specializes in field service for marine cranes and supply crane parts and crane related services from 14 offices worldwide. Field service, spare parts, workshop repairs, technical advice, engineering support and project management are available for ship cranes, deck machinery, offshore cranes and mobile port cranes. Our Management & Engineers are crane professionals, most of them held senior positions with the major crane makers, such as LIEBHERR, MacGREGOR, IHI, TTS Marine, HUISMAN, Triyards and others. ALATAS also provide hydraulic repairs for valves, pumps & motors, winch gearboxes, hook blocks, cylinders and other components. We carry out crane upgrading, complete overhauls and steel repairs including accident crane repairs.

As an Enterprise of Competence with flag approved Competent Persons, we employ multi-disciplined, factory trained Crane Engineers, highly experienced in all kind of repairs, investigations, troubleshooting of all system faults, be it of electric-, electronic-, hydraulic- or mechanical nature. Our Sr. Engineers also carry out project management of large dry-dock overhauls and crane upgrades.

These factory-trained professional Engineers have extensive experience with LIEBHERR, MacGREGOR, TTS, IHI, MITSUBISHI, TSUJI, DONG NAM, HAEAN, ORIENTAL and other deck cranes as well as FAVELLE FAVCO, AMCLYDE, NOV, HYDRALIFT, NATIONAL, SEATRAX, MANITOWOC and other offshore cranes.

Our Sr. Engineers & Crane Inspectors are certified to API 2D and have category B-1 competent person approval from the Norwegian Maritime Authority, permitting us to carry out annual and 5 yearly crane & lifting gear inspections & load tests as per ILO 152.
Load testing is available with waterbags, up to 275 ton

ALATAS represents, among others, ITALGRU, MELCHAL, FUCHS & SCM Offshore cranes, IHI, TSUJI, ORIENTAL, DONG NAM Deck Cranes, as well as SMAG PEINER Grabs and ORTS Grabs. We can offer both new and refurbished cranes, as well as customized lifting solutions, including the associated engineering, refurbishing and commissioning works. And we represent planetary gearbox makers, such as ZOLLERN and BRADEN.

We also offer REXROTH, PARKER, and BEHRINGERLINDE hydraulic parts sales and we are the authorized service and parts stations for SMAG-Peiner Grabs.

ALATAS Singapore Pte Ltd, in conjunction with PT ALATAS Crane Service Indonesia provides services for ship and offshore cranes, grabs and windlasses in Singapore and in the Asian region.

The Pipe Repair Division of ALATAS Singapore is the sole distributor of Rapp-It Pipe Repair System for Asia, Europe and US and represents 3X Engineering (Monaco) in Singapore. Our teams of pipe repair specialists are directly trained by the manufacturer and attend to leaking pipe problems, investigations and field repair services. Rapp-It is a NATO certified product that has been tested safe on potable water and repair works, that are done using 3X Engineering, are ASME & ISO certified.

ALATAS past assignments    :
ALATAS Hydraulic Workshop:
ALATAS Electronic Workshop:

Looking forward to be at your service in all marine crane queries you may have, field service, parts supply, component repairs or technical advice.

Representative/CEO :Andreas HORNTRICH

Business Type :Services & Parts Provider for Marine Cranes, Worldwide

Year Established :1988

Business Market :Worldwide

No. Of Employees :300

Country Territory :Asia; East Asia; Singapore; South East Asia

Industry Focus :Marine & Offshore Industry, Industrial Hydraulics

OEM Capability :Deck Cranes & Offshore Cranes of all Makes

OEM Products :SMAG Marine Grabs, Melcal Marine Cranes, ITALGRU Offshore Cranes, IHI-WUHAN Deck Cranes, Dong Nam, HAEAN and other Service Cranes and more

Operating Hours :
Weekdays: 0800hrs - 1700hrs
Saturdays: 0800hrs - 1200hrs
24/7 Emergency Contact Number

Quality Control :ISO 9001,bizSAFE Star, ISO 14001, OSHAS, Offshore CAP, POH&S, Safety Management System, ALATAS Parts Management System

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