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40 Brands

AIGO -Tools, Spanners

ALDEK -Gratings

AMMECH -Tools, Spanners

BELLE -Concrete Mixer

BOSCH -Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories

CROWN -Industrial Chemical

DALO -Industrial Paint Marker

DEVCON -Plastic & Steel & Other Repair Products

ELORA -Hand Tools & Accs

GOJO -Hand Cleaners

HIBOND -Masking Tape

HIT -Bolt Cutter

HITACHI -Power Tools, Power Accessories

IMER -Concrete Mixer

IRWIN -Diamond Blade

IWAKI -Diamond Cup Wheel, Diamond Blade

JOBI PROFI -Measuring Tape

KANSAI -Regulators, Torch, Nozzles


KINGS -Safety Shoes

KTC -Sockets, Tools

LOCTITE -Adhesive, Silicone Adhesive

LPS -MRO Chemicals

MAKITA -Power Tools, Power Tool Accessories

MIWA -Cutting Wheels, Grinding Wheels

MORRIS -Regulators, Torch

NASHUA -Duct Tape

PROTO -Hand Tools & Accs

RECORD -Bench Vices & Conduit Benders

RIDGID -Pipe Tools, Pre-Tested Work Saver Tools

SAKURA -Solid Markers, Paint Markers

SWELOCK -Fall Arrestors, Full Body Hardness, Safety Products

TAJIMA -Measuring Tape

TALBRO -Hand Tools & Accs

TOKU -Air Tools

TOP -Ratchet Wrench

TOYO -Chain Block, Lever Block

VIRO -HDPE Refuse Chutes

VITAL -Chain Block, Level Block, Chain Hoist

YAMATO -Regulators, Torches

Company Profile

Established in 1992, Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd is now a trusted one-stop hardware provider which helps different companies in overcoming challenges of customer demands, escalating costs and increased competition. We supply to major international and local contractors, both in Singapore and overseas. Our company delivers impeccable services that win the trust and confidence of our valued customers. We are highly committed to quality, reliability, competitive pricing and one-time delivery.

Over the years, Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd exhibits rapid expansion and steady growth, as we constantly strive to keep abreast of the latest technology to deliver quality industrial, marine and construction hardware to out valued customers. These excellent products came from prominent manufacturers from various countries like Germany, Japan, China, Korea, UK and USA. Thus, these established global sourcing networks as well as intelligent sourcing strategies have allowed us to offer our customer a distinct competitive advantage that puts them ahead of competitors.

At Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd, customers can expect speed and great results. From logistics to customer service, all of our staff is committed to our objective to provide supreme one-stop service experience through fast and precise delivery. These people are driven with a dedicated focus on customer service as well as prompt and efficient delivery. Our marketing strategies and wide stock range helps us meet the increasing demands of our valued clients. Our hardware is located at a 70,000ft2 warehouse, managed by an advanced inventory control system that can provide real time information on the available stock and status of the delivery. We also have advanced server-based software that is capable of tracking inventory, generating quotations as well as sales orders, invoices and delivery orders to enhance our efficiency. In addition, Aik Lee can meet on-demand orders, offering excellent logistics support through our large fleet of transportation.

Aik Lee Industries Supply Pte Ltd is now one of the leading distributors, suppliers and exporters of numerous premium products and brands which include the following:
• VIRO Refuse Chute
• ALDEK FRP Grating
• RAMSET Mechanical & Chemical Anchors
• RAMSET Rotary Hammers
• RAMSET Automatic Fastening Systems
• Heller Drill Bits
• Talbor Hand Tools
• BOSCH Power Tools
• LPS Chemical Aerosol
• SAKURA Solid & Paint Marker

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