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Blk 5022 Ang Mo Kio Ind Pk 2 #01-31 S(569525)

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49 Brands

AFECTMN -Water Pumps

AIKO -Power Tools, Threading Machines, Pallet Truck

ARMSTRONG -Compressors

ASSIST -Cutters

BALMA -Air Compressors

BOSCH -Power Tools

COMPAIR -Screw Air Compressors

DAB -Water Pump

DANCOMAIR -Air Compressors

DEK -Generators

DEN-SIN -Pressure Pump

DEWALT -Power Tools

ENERGY -Cables

FALCON -Welding Machines & Equipment

GIANT -Self-Levelling Multi-Laser Cross With Plumb Down Beam

GRAND -Wall Fans, Blowers

HITACHI -Air Compressors, Power Tools

HYUNDAI -Generator

HYUNDAI -Refrigerant Dryer

INGERSOLL RAND -Air Compressors

JUNAIR -Air Compressors

KIPOR -Generator

LAUNTOP -Generator

MAKITA -Power Tools

MCC -Threading Machines

MEUDY -Submersible Pumps


OGURA -Hydraulic Puncher & Cutter

OPTECH -Auto-Darkening Filter, Filter Welding Helmet

PASSON -Welding Machines & Equipment

PEDROLLO -Water Pump

PUMA -Air Compressors

REX -Threading Machines

RIGID -Threading Mchines

RILAND -Welding Service

ROBIN -Engines & Vibrators

SANRONG -Welding Machines

SIL-AIR -Air Compressors

SP AIR -Impact Wrenches, Grinders, Sanders

STANLEY -Hand Tools

SUMO -Pallet Truck

SUPER K -Ladder

TIGER -Air Compressor

TOKU -Air Tools, Pneumatic Tools

TOPLINE -Bandsawing Machines

TSURUMI -Submersible Dewatering Pumps

WINNER -Welding Inverter

WS -Magnetic Drill

XEBEC -Air Dryers

Company Profile

Aik Chin Hin Machinery Co. which was incorporated in 1974 provides a variety of industrial products, hardware, machinery and equipments for a wide range of industries. Through our long years of service, we have attained vast industrial knowledge as well as different market experiences. We can immediately recognize what you need, which best suit to your requirements and applications.

We introduce to you our well equipped staff who can give utmost customer service as well as to accommodate your technical concerns.

At Aik Chin Machinery Co, we offer excellent quality products including tools and machinery from the most trusted manufacturers inside and outside Singapore to serve your industrial needs.

The following are some of the products that we provide.
• Air Tools
• Air Compressors, Dryers and Filters
• Airless Spray Systems
• Battery Charger
• Bench Drill / Grinder / Polishing
• Bender
• Chain Hoist
• Construction Equipments
• Engines
• Electrical
• Generator
• Grooving & Cutting Machines
• High Pressure Washer
• Hydraulic Puncher
• Ladders
• Magnetic Drill
• Mixer
• Power Tools
• Pallet Truck
• Safety Equipment
• Metal Machineries
• Threading Machines
• Vacuum Cleaners
• Ventilation Fan
• Vice and Conduit Bender
• Water Pump
• Welding Equipments
• Woodworking Machineries

Business Type :Retailer

Business Market :Singapore

Country Territory :;

Industry Focus :Retailing of Hardware, Compressors, Machinery Power Tools & Pumps

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