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86 Products & Services

access control systems

alarm panels

amplifiers: audio


battery chargers

boat equipment & supplies

cameras: high speed, high resolution

cameras: industrial vision

card access control systems


circuit breakers

compasses: gyroscopic

computer power supply

construction equipment rental service


37 Brands

AEC -Industry Automation, Marine Automation, GMDSS, PA, Intercom, Temperature Monitoring, Fire-Alarm, Gas System

AEC -Power Supplies, GMDSS Terminals, Gyro Interfaces, Automation Central Panels

AEC -Shaft RPM, Rudder Angle Meter, Fuel Level Gauge

BRANNSTORM -ODME, Cargo Monitoring

CELWAVE -Marine Antennas

C-MAP -Chart System

ELAC/L3 -Military Sonar, Military Echo Sounder, Military Multibeam Sonar, Commercial Sonar, Commercial Echo Sounder, Commercial Multibeam Sonar

EMTECH/KVH -Satellite System, TV, Antenna, SATCOM System

GLADIATOR -Sail Boat Autopilot


HY-SHIP -Gyro, Magnetic Compass, Steering

ICOM -Marine Trunk Radio, HF, VHF, Amateur

JRC -Tracking Equipment

MARPORT -Fishery, Underwater Scan Sensors, Net Control, Hydrophone

MERIDIAN -Survey & Commercial Gyro Instrument


NAUTICAST -AIS Transponder, Base Station

OCENS -Satellite Weather Program, Email Program

PERM -Commercial Gyro System Heading Device

RAYMARINE -Navigation Radar, Echo Sounder, Chartplotter, Wind System


ROXAN/ICAN -Survey Chart, Mapping Chart

SAMYUNG -Radar, Echo Sounder

SAMYUNG -Ship Radio, SSB, VHF, Plotter, GPS, Navtex, Autopilot, Satellite, Sonar, AIS Transponder

SATAMATIC -Ship Tracking Equipment, Telematic, Fishery UMS

SAURA -Autopilot Controls, Gyro Controls, Steering Controls, Engine Controls, Magnetic Compass

SCAN STEERING -Hydraulic Steering Rudder Indicator

SKYWARE/SKYWAVE -Ship Tracking Equipment, Security Equipment

SRC -Walkie Talkie, SART, EPIRB


STORK-KWANT -Steering, Rudder, Control Station, Telegraph Belt

SUZUKI -Marine Echo Sounder, Sonar Equipment

THRANE & THRANE -INMC, Tracking, Fleet Satellite Equipment

WALKER -ECDIS, Echo Sounder

WALKER/JOHN LILLEY -Commercial Electromagnetic Speed Log, Weather Station, Wind Speed, Direction, Autopilot Compass

WESMAR -Commercial Fishery Sonar Equipment, Military Sonar Equipment

YOUNG -Meterological Equipment, Windspeed Sensor, Direction Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor

Company Profile

AEC (SK) Pte Ltd started in the year 1986 is a well established company specializing in the field of electrical works, electronics and automation, planning and execution, project supply, integration and design of customized equipment.

Our wide range of customers from different local and overseas industries includes offshore companies, hotels and resorts, different factories, ship owners, transportation companies, government authorities, offshore and onshore platforms, facilities, ocean vessels, fleet owners, fishery authorities, shipyards, luxury yacht owners, tankers, reefer container consumers, fishing boats, pleasure craft and barges, distributors, dealers and many more.

Our company has proven to give the best service quality in whatever industry or business you may be. We serve clients from corporate level to regular individuals on a daily basis. For the past years, we have gained knowledge in the marine industry and become one of the top professionals and most resourceful supply and service providers.

Our company’s scope of supply and project development includes:
• Wholesales
• Distribution/ supplying
• Technical consultancy
• Project installation
• Commissioning
• Provider of quality service to diverse equipment
• Provider of big scale systems
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
• Networking

Technical Services includes:
• Repairs, troubleshooting of difficult problem system and in circuit
• Covering Land project such as Resorts, Hotels, Factory
• Electronic, electro-mechanical control
• Signal transmission
• Marine electronic and automation
• Electronics navigation
• GMDSS for IMO requirement
• Special integration for control and command
• Data acquisition
• Telemetry
• Remote monitoring systems
• Protection and Shutdown Systems
• Alarm Monitoring

AEC (SK) Pte Ltd has countless products and services to offer. To know more about these offerings and how we can best serve you, please contact our friendly customer agents or simply post your enquiry below.

Country Territory :Singapore

Certification :

UKAS, GIC JAS-ANZ, Bizsafe 2

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