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6 Brands

AAI -Vacuum Equipment & Systems, Components

DELFIN -Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

FPZ -Regenerative Blower, Side Channel Blower, Air Ring Blower

R + B FILTER -Dust Filters, Dust & Fume Collecting Systems

STREAMTEK -Vacuum Equipment & Systems, Components

VUOTOTECHNICA -Vacuum Equipment & Systems, Components

Company Profile

ADVANCED AIR INDUSTRIES specializes in the air filtration products, vacuum pump, blower, compressor as well as compressed air-operated tools. We offer complete range of products with highest quality, safety and reliability at the optimum price and product availability.

With a combined experience of 20 over years in designing and production of low to high vacuum centralized dust extraction equipment and centralized process vacuum system, we can provide a customized solution to your dust control as well as process vacuum requirement.

The company’s commitments to customers are not limited to supply of products, but a complete viable solution for the customer manufacturing process.

Business Type :Design & Manufacturing of Vacuum Equipment & Systems, Trading of Vacuum Equipment & Systems Related Components/Accessories

Country Territory :Singapore

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