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95 Brands

AIR CHAMP -Air Brakes & Clutches

AMERIGEAR -Flexible Coupling

ANTEC -Brakes, Clutches

AUTOGARD -Clutches & Torque Limiters

BRD -Universal Joints


CLEVELAND -Air Vibrators

COREMO -Brakes, Clutches

CVC -Air Vibrators, Ball Vibrators

DENTEX -Couplings

DESCH -Flexible Couplings

DODGE -Flexible Couplings

DURAFLEX -Flexible Couplings

DYNAFLEX -Couplings

ELBE -Universal Joints

ESCO -Couplings

ESCONYL -Flexible Coupling

ETP -Bushings (Hydraulic)

EWART -Conveyor Chains

FALK -Couplings, Speed Reducers & Marine Drives

FAST/WALDRON -Flexible Couplings

FENNER -Couplings

FLEXACIER -Couplings

FLEXIDENT -Couplings

FLUIDOMAT -Fluid Coupling

FLUIDRIVE -Fluid Couplings

FMC -Vibrating Feeders & Screens

GIFLEX -Flexible Coupling

GOETZ -Flexible Coupling

GUARDIAN -Couplings

GWB -Universal Joints, Propeller Shafts

HADEFLEX -Flexible Coupling

HARDY SPICER -Universal Joints & Propeller Shafts

HASEC -Flexible Coupling

HOLSET -Couplings

HORTON -Brakes, Clutches

HRC -Flexible Coupling

HUCO -Beam Coupling

ITALCARDANO -Universal Joints

JOHN KING -Conveyor Chains

JOST -Electric Vibrators

JURID -Brakes

KISSLING -High Speed Gearboxes

KONECAR -Brakes, Clutches

KOPFLEX -Gear Couplings

KOPPERS -Gear Couplings

KTR -Flexible Couplings

KYOWA -Universal Joints


LINK BELT -Bucket Elevators, Vibrating Screens Bulk Handling Eqpt, Chains, Bearings & Drives

MAGNALOY -Flexible Couplings

MAINA -Flexible Coupling

MARLAND -Brakes, Clutches

MATRIX -Brakes, Clutches

MIYOSHI -Universal Joints

NARA -Flexible Coupling

NAVCO -Air Vibrators

NEUPEX -Flexible Coupling

NEXEN -Air Brakes & Clutches

NORMEX -Flexible Coupling

ORTLINGHAUS -Brakes, Clutches

PEMBRILL -Fluid Couplings

PERIFLEX -Couplings

PINTSCH BAMAG -Brakes, Clutches

PIV -Chains Drives, Variable Speed Drives

POWER GRIP -Couplings

PRECISION -Conveyor Chains

QD BUSH -Flexible Coupling

RATHI -Flexible Coupling

REDLER -Conveyor Chains

RINGFEDER -Locking Bush

SANKO -Universal Joints

SANYO -Brakes, Clutches

SEISA -Couplings

SIERBATH -Flexible Coupling

SIME -Fluid Couplings

SOFTEX -Flexible Coupling

SPIDEX -Couplings


STROMAG -Brakes & Clutches

SUGIYAMA -Roller Chains, Conveyor Chains

SUNTES -Brakes, Clutches

SUREFLEX -Flexible Couplings

SYNTRON -Vibrators, Feeders

TB WOODS -Flexible Coupling

TRANSFLUID -Flexible Coupling

TRASCO/SIT -Rivetless Chains

TSCHAN -Flexible Coupling

TWIFLEX -Brakes & Clutches

URAS -Electric Vibrators

WALDRON -Gear Couplings

WINFLEX -Couplings

YASKAWA -Vibrators

ZMC -Chain

ZURN -Flexible Coupling

Company Profile

In 1982, Adnil Pte Ltd was established with a viewpoint of providing professional expertise and products related to mechanical power transmission. Over our 30 years in the industry, we have proven our knowledge and capabilities in handling different challenges which helped us grow more. In addition, we are chosen as the main distributor of various manufacturers worldwide.

With the help of our experienced and dependable staff, we are able to provide excellent products and services to our valued customers in wide range of industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, plastic, marine, steel and iron mills, cement, etc.

At Adnil Pte Ltd, we promise to deliver reliable and high quality products that will help every business operation to be efficient and cost effective.

The following are some of the produces we offer:
• Gearboxes
• Flexible Couplings
• Locking Bush - Hydraulic & Mechanical
• Industrial Brakes
• Industrial Clutches
• Universal joints/ Cardan shafts
• Industrial Vibrators
• Industrial Chains
• Pulleys
• Belts
• Sprockets
• Taper Bush
• Pinion Gears and Racks
• Bearings

Country Territory :Singapore; Singapore and regional countries

Industry Focus :Industrial

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