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16 Brands

AOLAN -Cooling Systems

ELMARK -Cooling Systems

EVERNAL -Cooling Systems

ISLAND FOG -Cooling Systems

KDK -Cooling Systems

KERUILAI -Cooling Systems

LG -Cooling Systems

MISTRAL -Cooling Systems

PANASONIC -Cooling Systems

SANYO -Cooling Systems

SMART -Cooling Systems

SONIC -Cooling Systems

SUPER -Cooling Systems

TOYO -Cooling Systems

VIEW -Cooling Systems

WINTAT -Cooling Systems

Company Profile

Acmeca Electrical Trading, was established in 1991 by Mr Phua Ee Sen as an Original Equipment Manufacturer. Our Research and Development efforts have resulted in a number of proprietary designs catered for commercial and industrial cooling needs. Acmeca Electrical Trading's products are high pressure misting fans and air cooler designed for a wide variety of various use. Islandfog® products are designed with flexibility and robustness. Our goal is to "Defeat the Heat" by guarantee the highest quality systems and components at the lowest price. Islandfog® products provide you with tools to cool even the most hostile environment.

Business Type :Consumer

Country Territory :Singapore

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