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air flow controls

air measuring instruments

air pollution measuring instruments

air quality monitor

aircraft maintenance equipment

analysers: gas


calibration service


calibrators: current

calibrators: pressure

calibrators: resistance

calibrators: rtd bridge

calibrators: temperature

calibrators: voltage

46 Brands

AB -Pressure Gauges

ACEZ -RTDS Sensors, Thermocouple Sensors

ACEZ SENSING -RTDs & Thermocouple Sensors

AI -Measuring Instruments

AOIP -Temperature Testers & Calibrators

ARKON -Flow Meter

AZ -Measuring Instruments

BG -IR Thermometers & Measuring Instruments

BLUE GIZMO -IR Thermometers & Measuring Instruments

CAL CONTROLS -Temperature Controllers

CENTER -Test & Measuring Instruments

CHAUVIN ARNOUX -Measuring Instruments

COMARK -Measuring Instruments

CONSENS -Temperature & Humidity Transmitters

DAVIS INOTEK -Test & Measuring Instrument


DICKSON -Dataloggers & Recorders

DRUCK -Pressure Calibrators, Sensors

DYNASONICS -Flowmeters

DYZLE -Dataloggers

E + E -Humidity, Air Velocity Transmitters

E + H -Dataloggers & Recorders

ECOM -Ex-Proof & Intrinsically-Safe Products

FLIR -Test & Measuring Instruments

FLUKE -Field Service Technician, Multimeter

FOX -Temperature Controller

FOXFA -Temperature Controllers

GAS CLIP -Gas Detectors

HUBA CONTROL -Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Switches

ISOLAB -Calibration Service

ISOTECH -Temperature Calibrators

ISUZU -Thermo-Hygrograph

KESTREL -Air Velocity Meters

KIMO -Measuring & Control Instruments

LEICA -Distance Meter

MERIAM -Pressure Calibrator

PRECASTER -Distance Meter

REOTEMP -Temperature Gauges

SI -Hand Pump Calibrators, Pressure Calibrators

SIKA -Temperature Gauges

STATUS INSTRUMENTS -Temperature Transmitters

STIKO -Deadweight Tester, High Pressure & Temperature Recorders

STS -Pressure Transmitter

SUPCO -Recorders, Loggers

TAISHIO -Controllers, Recorders

TFA -Test Instruments, Measuring Instruments

Company Profile

Acez Instruments Pte Ltd is one of the leading ISO 9001:2008 accredited supplier of Instrumentation and Control equipment in the South-East Asia region since 1985. With the highest quality assured and customer care as our focus, Acez provides a wide range of instruments, manufacturing capabilities, calibration and repairing services. Acez has instruments solutions ranging from air flow, calibrator, dataloggers and recorder, environmental, explosion proof or intrinsically safe, humidity, level and flow, pressure, portable instruments and temperature. We have Acez Sensing to custom-make temperature sensors and level switches to meet your requirements. Isolab provides in-house calibration test in our “Singlas” national accredited laboratory, on-site and express calibration services. We have AceCare Service Centre to provide complete maintenance and servicing programs, handled by professionally qualified service engineers. In Acez Group of Companies, customer care will always be our top priority.

Industry Focus:
Marine/Offshore, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Education, Laboratories, Building & Management Systems (BMS), Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Aviation, Electrical & Electronics, Food & Beverage.

OEM Products:
Infrared Thermometers, Temperature Sensors, Thermowell, Temperature Transmitter, Temperature Indicators, Temperature Controller, Big Display Thermometer, Digital Pocket Thermometer, Digital Thermo-Hygrometer, Analog Thermo-Hygrometer, Big Display Thermo-Hygrometer (with external probe available), 6-Channel Mini Recorder, paperless Recorder, Temperature & Humidity Datalogger, Temperature Datalogger, Mini Float Level Switch, Magnetic Float Level Switch, Magnetic Float Level Transmitter, magnetic Float Level Switch – Test Rod, Anti-corrosion Screw Type / Flange Type, Magnetic Level Gauge, Digital Moisture Meter.

Representative/CEO :Henry Yeo

Business Type :Distribution, Manufacturing & Calibration Services

Year Established :1985

No. Of Employees :>60

Annual Sales Range :>5 Million USD

Country Territory :China; Indonesia; Philippines; Singapore

Certification :

ISO 9001:2008

OEM Capability :Yes, Acez Sensing, Blue Gizmo & Taishio

Operating Hours :0830 to 1800 hrs, Monday to Friday

Quality Control :ISO 9001:2008

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