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4 Brands

AEC -Uninterruptible Power Supplies

APC -Uninterruptible Power Supply

SALICRU -Power Line Conditioner, Voltage Regulator

SOLA -DC Power Supplies

Company Profile

Supplying quality UPS products that provide a reliable back up power for IT equipment from desktop computers to large data centres, Acetech Pte Ltd will help you find the solution for your emergency power requirements.

We understand the significance of the uninterrupted operation of computers in businesses. A small business could maintain a data of clients in its computer. Computer systems in business allow for better interaction among employees, firms, customers and consumers. Managers can conduct seminar calls, reveal training videos as well as conduct webinars or web-based workshops on the internet using computer systems. This inter-connectivity between companies, customers or consumers can also be carried out internationally. In other sectors, computers are used to manage and also keep track of the manufacturing system and continuous operation of the equipment. They also aid in keeping an eye on temperature, stress, for examining the high quality & reliability, as well as measurement needed in the production procedure. With all these benefits, we at Acetech Pte Ltd is committed to provide customer satisfaction through adequate power back up equipment and design. Zero down time of computers is our main focus for continuous business activities

Some of the products and services provided by Acetech Pte Ltd are uninterrupted power supply, batteries replacement program, batteries upgrades, capacity replacement, preventive maintenance plan and installation and disposal of batteries.

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