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41 Brands

APF -Lightings Accessories

AVENUE -Outdoor Lightings, Lighting Accessories

BAG TURGI -Lightings Control Gear

BG -Electrical Accessories

BRENNENSTUHL -Cable Reels & Handlamp

BRITZ -Door Chimes, Electrical Accessories

BRITZ-LINK -Electrical Socket

CE -Electrical Accessories

CEE -Industrial Plug, Socket Accessories

D.T.ENGLAND -Electrical Socket

ECE -Industrial Plug & Socket Accessories

EE -Industrial Plug & Socket

GRUPPE -Lightings & Accessories

GS -Electrical Accessories

GSH -Industrial Handlamp

HTCN -Industrial Plug & Socket Accessories

ILME -Industrial Electrical Accessories

KAM -Electrical Accessories

LANZINI -Lighting Accessories, Lamps

MACRO -Telephone, Audio Video Accessories, Electrical Accessories, Handlamp

MARLANVIL -Industrial Electrical Accessories

MASTERPLUG -Circuit Breakers

MAXOX -Outdoor Lightings, Lighting Accessories

MONSTER -Outdoor Lighting & Accessories

NEC -Flourescent Lamp

NIEKEN -Electrical Lighting Accessories

NKS -Switches, Socket Accessories

OKIES -Fluorescent Lamps

PCE -Industrial Plug & Socket Accessories

PDL -RCD & ELCB Adaptor

PERMAPLUG -Rubber Sockets & Plug Tops

PHOENIX -Lamp & Lightings & Accessories

PLUSO -Industrial Plug & Socket Accessories

REGENT -Outdoor Lightings & Accessories

TARGET -Outdoor Lightings, Lighting Accessories

TECHNOVA -Industrial Electrical Accessories

VDE -Plug & Schuko Cable Reel

VIMAR -Electrical Accessories, Lighting Accessories

VOX -Lighting & Accessories

ZENITH -Lightings & Accessories

ZOID -Outdoor Lightings, Lighting Accessories

Company Profile

Established on the 2nd of August 2007, Access Electrical Pte Ltd is now one of the most trusted companies when it comes to electrical products. We manufacture and trade prominent brands of variety of electrical products and accessories used in wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

The following are some of the products we offer:
• BRENNENSTUHL - Cable reel
• BG - Electrical accessories
• PERMAPLUG - Rubber plug & socket connector
• MASTERPLUG - Safety RCD plug & adaptor
• MACRO - Energy saving lamp,etc.
• VIMAR - Lightings electrical accessories
• LANZINI - Industrial lightings
• BRITZ-LINK - Surge protector safety socket etc
• BRITZ - Doorchime[wired and wireless]
• NEC - Flourescent lamp

At Access Electrical Pte Ltd, we have operators and staffs who are very friendly and well-trained. These people are readily available to help in every sales or technical enquiry you have.

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