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Common Uses for Countertop

4/13/2012 6:07:05 PM | by Anonymous


The usual place in the house where we can find countertop is the kitchen. Countertops are also called worktops because they serve several functions. We sit our appliances and prepare food on it. An ideal countertop is built at an ergonomic height which allows it to be conveniently used in a lot more applications.


A worktop can be created visually appealing or plain. It would depend on how you are to planning to use it and where it will be installed. They can be positioned either in the interior or exterior of the house. If it will be placed in a noticeable part of the house, it is understandable if you become more meticulous on its design and the materials it will be made from. The many uses of countertop are only limited by your imagination but the other places where it is commonly utilized besides the kitchen are dining areas, bars, desk, lavatory area and bathroom sink.


Dining table and bars can be the focal point of your house. Build a countertop bar that you can be surely proud of by installing materials like granite and solid surface which are known to be durable and stylish. Although granite and solid surface tend to be more expensive than other covers, they are increasingly becoming a popular material in modern kitchen because they are more hygienic compared to tiles that has grout where mold and mildew build up. A countertop to be utilized as a desk can also use any of these materials because a flat, seamless desk is more pleasant to work on.


Lavatory and bathroom are areas that your guests would not observe unless they felt the need to go to the bathroom or you intentionally lead them around the house. Tiles can be used in lavatory countertop since it is durable, cheap and can handle heavy operations. The appearance of the bathroom would highly depend on the user. You can choose tiles for a cheaper option or go for granite and solid surface to achieve a classy look.

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