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Common Laboratory Equipment & Supplies and Their Uses

5/17/2012 10:38:43 AM | by Anonymous

Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

Laboratory is a facility for conducting scientific researches and experimentations. The purpose of laboratory is important to ensure effectiveness and accuracy; for instance in developing a medicine or diagnosing an illness. There are various types of laboratories such as medical laboratory, scientific laboratory, chemistry laboratory and other more. Even though these laboratories exist to serve different functions, one thing that links them together is the laboratory equipment & supplies they similarly use.


Some of the most commonly used laboratory equipment are Bunsen burner, microscope and laboratory glassware. Bunsen burner is named after its developer Robert Bunsen. As the name implies, it is a burner that produces flame and is used to heat chemicals contained in glassware. The flames that Bunsen burner produces include violet/blue shaggy outer flame and a blue inner light which tip is the hottest part of the flame.


Microscope is a tool used in observing matters too small to be perceived by the naked eye. It is widely used in medical laboratories. We normally encounter health facilities asking for samples for them to test. They will observe the specimen and see if it is acting differently from what it normally should be. The result will help the physician to identify what illness their patient is undergoing.


Laboratory glassware involves any equipment made of glass such as bottles, burettes, cups, graduated cylinder, flasks and funnels. These varieties of glassware are available in different shapes and sizes and mainly used for measuring and holding volume of liquids. Its property should be able to withstand sterilization. Some glassware is also made of plastic because it is less costly and durable as well.


Laboratories can be as safe as an ordinary room or dangerous depending on the type of experimentations being conducted. Chemical can ignite if several types are improperly mixed. In order to ensure safety, scientists and chemists do not miss to include safety tools to their list of laboratory equipment & supplies.

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