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Collecting Movie Memorabilia as a Hobby

5/2/2012 6:20:55 PM | by Anonymous


Some people make collecting a hobby. It can be anything that grabs their attention. They can be cheap magnets that serve as souvenirs for places they have visited or costly football cards. The items that come out in limited edition are usually referred to as memorabilia.


Memorabilia are valuable items associated with an important event or person. Movie posters which are printed in limited numbers are an example of memorabilia. They are created by movie studios for advertising purposes. They are not meant to be sold. They are either returned or destroyed which make it harder to get a hold of these movie posters. Movie posters that are available commercially cannot be categorized as collector’s items but are still considered as memorabilia. Original poster has a standard size of 27 inches x 41 inches or 27 inches x 40 inches and contains feature that makes it the choice of collectors. The double sided feature of legitimate prints gives a livelier effect on the printed image. Commercially produced advertising materials, on the other hand, are smaller in size, have lesser quality and cheaper.


Movie poster memorabilia are bought by some merely as an addition to their collection or as a form investment. A hobbyist may be collection movie posters entirely or it can only be just one of a bigger collection theme. A Harry Potter fan would try to obtain various collectibles connected to HP whether it would be mug, shirts or even stationeries. Some purchase legitimate prints for business reasons. Vintage posters most likely will cost a lot and can bring a great fortune to the seller.


People tend to keep something as a souvenir on special events they have been to. They serve as memorabilia for experiences worth remembering. They are tangible reminiscences to the things that occur in our life even after our memories are gone.

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