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Cleaning Equipment for Clogged Drain & Sewer

1/2/2013 6:11:23 PM | by Anonymous

Cleaning Equipment: Drain & Sewer

Clogged drain & sewer, when not cleared right away, can cause a serious problem. They can happen both in homes and industries. There are various ways to fix clog in drain & sewer. Some can be easily done by the residents yet some require the use of cleaning equipment for clogged drain & sewer with the help from professionals. Various parts make up the drainage and sewage system. The drainage system comprises of strainer, stopper and pipes before the waste water finally reaches the sewage system. Clog could happen from any of these equipment so before hiring a plumber and engaging to a costly repair, one has to determine first which has a clogging issue and if it can be cleared by the homeowner.


Strainer is the only visible equipment that we see on a drainage system. It helps prevent waste materials from coming into the pipes that can eventually lead to clog. If the water seems slow to sink in than usual, it may be time to clean up the strainer. This simple act may be all that is needed to be done in order to correct clogged drains. Underneath the strainer is where the stopper can be found. Objects that are not caught by the strainer have to pass through stopper. This equipment requires to be cleaned regularly as it is where clogs collect and hair tends to twist around their base. Besides cleaning the strainer and stopper, plunging is a quick remedy for clearing a blockage not too far from the main drain. If this does not work, remove the waste accumulated in the trap under the sink and clean it. There may still be tough clogs left. In order to remove them, pour chemical drain cleaners containing high concentration of lye or sulfuric acid on the sink. These chemicals are known to be capable of burning waster materials thoroughly and quickly. Wash out the chemicals from the drain by flushing it with plenty of water. After doing all the steps above and the clog remains, the problem may be on the main drain itself. The main drain pipe should have a cap with a square fitting. Remove the fitting so you can insert the plumber’s snake and move it in both directions. This way, the clogs could break creating a clear passageway for waste water. The plumber’s snake is a cleaning equipment for drain & sewer clogs that may need to be rented on or hire professionals to use it. If this last step has not cleared the clog, the problem may not be on the drainage system.


Waste water from homes flows through the drainage system to either septic tank or a sewer. Septic tanks are common in rural areas or in areas where sewage pipes are not provided. It must be pumped three to four times in a year to prevent it from overflowing. Cleaning a septic tank can only be done by experts so what households can do is to be mindful of their water usage and not to throw any garbage on the toilet such as napkins and paper towels that could clog the drain and cause flooding of the septic tank. Sewer or also known as sewerage is underground pipes that carry water to a sewage treatment plants. Sewage treatment plants treat waste water or sewage from contaminants producing sludge before they are discharged to the environment. Sludge can be reused when converted into fertilizers. Only experts can effectively perform both maintaining and cleaning of septic tanks and sewerage. If household remedy can not fix jammed sinks, getting professional help would be the best response as they have suitable cleaning equipment for clogged drain & sewer.

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