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Classifications of Mechanical Engineering Services

7/1/2013 12:59:27 PM | by Anonymous

Engineering Services

Engineering services are professional services or creative work which requires engineering education, training, and experience. Engineering services does not include responsibility for the superintendence of construction, site conditions, equipment, operations, personnel or the maintenance of safety in the workplace. Engineering services represent one of the biggest sections of the industrial sector with an estimated $750 billion worth of value addition every year. These services are made up of a vast range of design and support services important for the functioning of practically every industry, spread across the entire scope of engineering.


Mechanical engineering services are classified into three broad categories: design, construction and repair. There are companies who specialize in mechanical engineering designs of metal components and/or manufacturing processes/systems. Other companies deliver repair services which are usually on site in order to cut down on downtime and costs for their client facilities. Yet there are other mechanical engineering services who consult on construction design, as well as the installation and design of mechanical systems in every area from large industrial plants to light commercial plants. This area is commonly highly regulated in order to promote safety and the interests of the public at-large.


Construction and designing assistance which are offered by mechanical engineering services firms can involve power plants, vehicles, entire engines and manufacturing assembly lines for all purposes and for all sizes. Designs commonly include an analysis of all forms of machine tool designs and mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers commonly use computer-aided engineering design formats in the areas of aerospace, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, robotics and the production of medical devices. Firms that specialize in mechanical engineering services which help construct facilities usually must perform structure analyses in order to determine material stresses, as well as, custom design work for manufacturing and plants process facilities.


Mechanical engineering services on-site repair may include industrial shaft recoveries which avert expense of on-site machining, removals and cold-repair of cast irons and other metal components. Also, thermal metal spraying of industrial metal components are able to assist in replenishing heat-shielding services, repairs can also be made to worn propulsion components and line boring can additionally be conducted. Repair firms offering laser alignment services are able to align rotating equipment to protect from excess wear on bearings and vibration. Specialists in every type of steam and diesel mechanics, metallurgy and many forms of wielding are often in demand in such firms.


The profession of mechanical engineering is regulated by jurisdictions around the globe in order to license only those who are properly trained. In many areas, standards set are rather strict. Most governments around the world consider engineering as a profession which requires a license before such services are offered to the public.


Those who are interested in becoming an engineer and providing engineering services usually need to complete the appropriate coursework at an accredited engineering college or in distance courses which are online. Some of these offerings include fluid dynamics in mechanics, machine tooling, fundamentals in thermodynamics and manufacturing engineering technologies. Adding to the offerings, some mandatory courses include pneumatics, control theory, materials engineering and mechatronics instrumentation. Mathematics classes can become a requirement for those wanting to provide engineering services.


Besides mechanical engineering, other types of engineering services which exists today include civil engineers who design roads, bridges and airports as well as design water supply systems in order to purify drinking water and wastewater treatment systems in order to conserve the environment. Electrical engineers design large power generating plants alongside power distribution systems, mechanical controls as well as voice/data communication systems. Environmental engineers are in-charge of designing processes and systems that protect the environment and reclaim habitats for nature.

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