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Choosing What Bars to Visit

3/12/2012 5:19:39 PM | by Anonymous


A great way of bonding with friends is to spend the night at bars. You can drink or dance together or chat with them from late evening until dawn. There are several types of bars that you can visit and a place where you can see lots of them is in Singapore. Choosing what bar you want to go to would depend on you and your friend’s style, mood and purpose.


If you feel like dancing and wants to dress up then Night club is the one for you. This place is usually crowded that falling in line before you can enter is a typical scenario unless you are part of the guest list. The tables must be reserved before getting to the place or you will end up standing all through the night. Pub is a great place to chat with friends. There is no loud music except for some where there are live bands performing. Hanging out at pubs is more comfortable than night clubs since you can be assured to find an available seat. A lounge bar is much better furnished and may charge more compared to other bars. It is a classy way to bond with friends. If you are fond of wine and martinis, there are specialty bars that focus on this type of beverage. A wide variety of options are created and offered within the genre. If you belong to a more specific group, there are bars designated for bikers, gay, women, singles and colleges.


There are other things that you can find enjoyable while spending time at the bars. You can view the amazing nightfall while at the rooftop bar, drink al fresco and get a breath of fresh air. If you see an establishment filled with decors, lighting and crowd of people, there is no doubt that you spotted a bar.

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