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Choosing the Right TV Antennas

3/5/2012 12:49:04 PM | by Anonymous


We have known antennas as a device found in our television and radio to transmit electromagnetic waves. The antennas are the reason why our radio gets a signal from radio stations. They are also responsible for the number of channels a television can receive. Even though there is an antenna present on our radio and television, the quality of the reception would depend on the kind of antenna used and where it is mounted.


We are mostly concerned with the function of our antennas in our television. Watching television serves as our break from a long day of work once we get home. It can make us feel irritated if the only time you can watch your favorite TV show has been interrupted because of poor reception. This problem can be resolved by simply moving your antenna to another location or by buying a different one suitable to your living situation. Roof or attic mounted antenna can be the most effective signal transmitter among its type. The idea behind is the higher you mount the antenna, the more stations will be pulled in and the clearer they will be. It is desirable if the antenna can be placed on the roof but if the weather would not permit, the next best spot is the attic or on the highest window found in your house. An outdoor antenna can be costly so if buying an expensive antenna is not an option for you, the next best choice is to purchase an amplified indoor antenna. Amplified indoor antenna can strengthen and enhance the signal of weak channels through electric current. The weakest among the antennas is the non-amplified indoor antenna or simple rabbit ears antenna. It is usually supplied together with the television we purchase.


The ability of the antennas are dependent on how near or far it is from the transmitter. Obviously, if you live near a transmitter, simple rabbit ears antenna should be enough to do the job.

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