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Choosing the Right Fire Hose Reels

6/15/2015 4:17:32 PM | by Alexia Ho

Fire Hose Reels

Fires can occur at any given place and time. In acknowledging this fact, the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 was implemented encompassing all kinds of structures, buildings, and many types of open spaces such as offices and shops; community halls; premises providing care; restaurants, pubs and clubs; schools; as well as hostels and hotels, to mention just a few.

The relationship between fire prevention and safety is essential in implementing protection within homes and businesses. Having this in mind, it is only necessary that one should plan and prepare for contingencies. The presence of fire preventing equipment certainly gives assurance but will never promise safety. On the other hand, the provision of fire prevention and safety devices will surely reduce if not prevent potential hazards, fires may bring. Fire preventing equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and the like greatly increases people’s safety and survival but with supplementary devices like fire hose reels to increase the chances for prevention and protection as well.

A top quality fire hose reel must be able to provide a good water flow up to 12 meters at minimum and can accommodate a fire hose of around 30 meters. The 19 mm fixed manual variety is greatly suggested. This will make sure that when you need it, the equipment will not malfunction when putting out fires at short distances. In addition, its jet spray nozzle must be tested to assure that the water flow’s directing and regulation using the nozzle is easy and simple enough to do.

Part of an ideal fire safety system is being capable of providing enough water supplies within the premises. In situations when a fire extinguisher or fire blanket is incapable of putting out a fire, then enough water supplies must be readily available. To transport it efficiently, then the appropriate fire hose reels should be available. Here is a guide to consider when choosing the right fire hose reel and accessories:

• Know and Understand the Regulations Being Imposed Currently

With regards to fire hose reels and related equipment, the current standards that are being implemented are the BS 336 for ancillary equipment and fire hose coupling covering everything from fire hose nozzle, fire hoses, pipe fittings, suction hose, delivery pipes, hose connectors, pipe junctions as well as pipe connections. Additionally, BS 6391: 2009 is also a related standard that indicates requirements for hose assemblies and delivery hoses that are non-percolating for fire safety purposes. BS 6391 pertains to fire hoses that are meant to be utilized at a maximum level of 15 bar of working pressure and a temperature of -20˚C at minimum.

• Recognize the Types of Fire Hose Reel and Accessories Available

In selecting the correct types of fire hose reels, one should consider a broad array of products currently available in the market. A type 2 fire hose reel comes with a set of alloy couplings that are wired-on when bought. This can be bought in 18-metre or 23-metre lengths. However, the type 3 which is heavy duty is intended for more complex facilities including warehouses and airports. Type 2 fire hose reel is preferably used for smaller areas.

• Seek advice from a Fire Safety Professional

For the reason that fire safety and protection is an essential aspect of protecting a business, there is a necessity to seek advice from fire safety experts concerning proper storage, installation, handling and usage. With correct information, there will be certainty that one’s decision will be an excellent one.

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