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Choosing the Right Bathtub

10/8/2012 12:58:35 PM | by Anonymous


Bathtubs are common household equipment found in toilets used primarily to achieve a relaxing bath. These huge containers are able to hold large amounts of water in which a person can simply sit and relax while enjoying a bath. Although mostly related to Western style bathtubs where the bather lies down in a relaxing position while taking a bath, bathtubs can also be related to Eastern style bathtubs known as ofuro, in which a user stands up instead of sitting down. Such bathtubs are usually short and deep with insufficient space for the user to lie down. The Eastern style bathtubs are usually not referred to as bathtubs and instead have different names according to the demographic they are being used in such as in the case of Japanese ofuro. The term bathtub overtime has become commonly associated with the Western style relaxing bathtubs. The materials that are used to make bathtubs can range from acrylic and fiberglass to enamel over steel and waterproof finished wood. Often placed in the toilets of homes, bathtubs can either have a stand-alone fixture with a tap adjacent to them or a show located at the top.


The designs of bathtubs are vast with each having different features and qualities to meet the needs of the variety of customers. Some bathtubs may have overflow or waste drain features installed in them whereas some may have taps mounted on them. Bathtubs can also be built in to a toilet or can be purchased separately and placed inside the toilet. An example of such bathtubs is the clawfoot tub. Such bathtubs can be moved around easily as they have four legs that resemble the legs of a table. Sunken bathtubs feature a shallow hole in the floor of the toilet where the bathtub is placed; giving these tubs a sunken look. Previously, bathtubs were mostly manufactured in rectangular shapes, however with the advent of acrylic thermoformed baths, bathtubs can now be found in a variety of shapes, ranging from traditional rectangular to circular and oval. The colours in which bathtubs are usually available is white. However with advancements in technology, more varieties of colours are available. Bathtubs have the ability to give a toilet a more complete and full look. They can add to the interior of the bathroom, giving it a more posh and classy look or a more authentic and vintage look depending on the design, colour and type of bathtub is used.


A relaxing bath in a bathtub after a long tiring day would be anyone’s desire, but one should always be sure as to what kind of bathtub he or she wants to get and its purpose. Ideal for relaxing muscles and long baths, the functionality of a bath would depend on the user’s choice of the right type of bathtub. Firstly, the user should consider the space available in the toilet for the installation of a bathtub. If there is insufficient space, installing a bathtub may not be an ideal choice. The type of bathtub also plays a significant role. If the user intends to move the bathtub, he or she should get a bathtub which has legs, such as the clawfoot bathtub. Such bathtubs are not attached and can be moved when desired.


The material used to make the bathtub is a major factor in deciding which bathtub to get. A few examples of materials used to make bathtubs can be acrylic, cultured marble and enameled cast iron. As for acrylic, its sheets are heated and molded in the desired shape. They are then reinforced with fiberglass to give the tub a stronger finish. The advantages of using bathtubs made of these materials can be that they have good resistance against abrasion and fading, while also being available in a wide variety of designs, styles and shapes. Cultured marble, as its name would suggest is a material composed of crushed limestone and polyester resin with a gel-coat finish. These bathtubs give the toilet a more classy and posh look and can be available in a variety of styles and patterns. As for enameled cast iron bathtubs, the iron is molded into the shape of a bathtub and then finished with a coating of enamel. Such bathtubs are durable and available in a wide range of colours.

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