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Choosing between Coffins and Caskets

3/26/2012 10:00:02 AM | by Anonymous


Death is an inevitable event. The last thing we can do for our loved ones who passed away is to properly arrange their funeral. Part of the process is selecting the case to hold their remains. Coffins and caskets are the types of boxes where we can place the body of our deceased. Even though they both have an identical function, the difference between the two can be distinguished by their shape.


Coffins are wider at the shoulder, narrow at the head and tapered in towards the toes. It is traditionally made of wood. Caskets, on the other hand, are rectangular in form, have the same width and height from top to bottom and usually made of wood or metal. It is generally padded and contains a split lid for viewing purposes. The words coffin and casket are often used interchangeably since they have the same general purpose. There may be a time that we are talking about coffins when we actually meant caskets. Besides knowing the physical differences between them, there are other personal factors that need to be considered in choosing the container for your beloved.


The remains should fit on the cradle. If the body is big, it is more advisable to use a casket. Also, it will allow you to include other things inside the box like personal belongings of the deceased. The tapered shape of the coffin makes it impossible to add stuffs inside it other than the body.


We always want to give the best for the person we love even for the last time. But no matter how we try not to make money a factor in choosing coffins or caskets, one needs to evaluate their budget. It is not wise to go into debt in order to purchase a coffin. Find one that is functional and presentable but not costly.

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