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Choosing Baby Feeding Bottles

9/2/2013 2:23:39 PM | by Anonymous

Baby Feeding Bottle

Baby feeding bottle or also called nursing bottle is a bottle with a teat from which liquids are directly sucked from. Though commonly recognized as containers used for feeding babies or young children, it can also be used by people who has disabilities. Baby feeding bottles are just one of the many baby products that parents prepare for their newly born child. These baby products include strollers, diaper, cribs, bedding, baby clothes, footwear and bathing products.


Selecting baby products tend to be confusing as they usually come from a wide variety of designs, brands, shapes and sizes. But one should not be blinded by the cute design. It is the materials used and functionality of the product that should matter. Crib serves as the baby’s shelter next to mother’s arms. It has to be sturdy and the height should be high enough so the baby would not fall. The mattress should be firm since they can not move themselves out of position. When the baby is sleeping, remove things like blanket that can cause suffocation. Their clothes, shoes and socks should be comfortable to wear and should be made from materials that are not harmful to baby’s skin. It is recommended not to buy a lot of the same baby bottles. Babies tend to get easily bored using the same product for a long time and would show preference on what bottle they want to use later on. Newborns have sensitive skin. Not choosing the right baby products can hurt your baby. Their body wash, soap and shampoo must be especially formulated for babies. These hypo-allergenic products have been tested and proven not to contain harmful chemicals that may cause allergies and other skin conditions. However, there are a lot of products that claims hypo –allergenic. One must carefully observe how the skin reacts on every bathing product that will be used to your baby.


The complexity of choosing baby products also applies to baby feeding bottles. Parents should watch out for leaks to avoid pricey milks from being wasted and most all prevent their child from getting wet. Teats or nipples also come from variety of sizes and materials. They can be made from silicone, rubber or latex. Nipples made out of latex are known to be flexible and soft but don’t last long. Silicone nipples, on the other hand, are more rigid and stay in shape much longer. The shape of nipples also varies and that includes orthodontic, traditional and flat-topped. There are also myriad of baby feeding bottles to choose from. Right-angled, streamlined and disposable bottles are a few types of them which can either be made from plastic or glass.


Parents should not settle for baby feeding bottles that are cheap or look good on their eyes. Each one has its own function that should match your baby’s needs. Since baby is considered the greatest gift parents can ever have, they are more than willing to do everything in order to protect and take care of their little ones. New born babies are fragile beings so parents need to make sure they are protected at all times and taking proper good care of them starts by being discerning in choosing their baby feeding bottles.

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