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Choosing an Electrical Contractor without Compromising Quality, Safety and Reliability

12/23/2013 1:36:15 PM | by Alex Chaidaroglou

Contractors: Electrical

If your car develops a problem you get it checked by a car dealer or car mechanic. If something goes wrong with your body you would consult a doctor. If electrical wiring or the electrical appliances that you use in your home or office become faulty you would realize the importance of electricians. The electrical contractor is expert on the installation and servicing, and repair and maintenance of wiring and electrical appliances that are integrated seamlessly into our daily routine.


Drawbacks of opting for inexperienced contractors

Your home or office is definitely your most cherished financial asset. You cannot compromise the safety and security of the building and its electrical installations by handing a contract to unskilled firms. Do not accept at face value the claims made in advertisements and commercials that appear in newspapers, city yellow Pages, and the radio and TV. Unscrupulous dealers may attempt to defraud you by undervaluing parts and by over invoicing services. Use of substandard parts may expose you to the risk of fire and damages costing you many thousands of dollars in losses, both to life and property.


Reasons you need a specialist to do your job

The electrical contractor’s job has tremendous variety and this has led to the creation of many specialist posts. There are electrical contractors that specialize in home security alarms, audio and video equipment, heating and air conditioning, and wireless and communication systems, among others. You have to ask yourself is it a new installation or an upgrade? Is it a minor repair or a major malfunction? Does it concern setting up a new home or is it related to renovating your old home? The answers will help you identify and call the right type of electrical contractor suited to your need.


Identifying the right contractor and carefully assessing him on core parameters:

1. The technically proficiency of the contractor.

2. His reputation for safety, efficiency and reliability.

3. His expertise in his specialty and understanding of your specific problem.

Choosing the right electrical contractor


Step 1. Ascertaining the technically proficiency of the contractor

➢ You must keep in mind that In order to become an electrician an individual has to acquire vast technical knowledge in his field of expertise, and his work should adhere to the standards prescribed under the National Electrical Code (NEC), the recognized electrical safety standard for home and office buildings in the US.

➢ The contractor is properly licensed to carry out the work, in his jurisdictional area, by the appropriate authorities.

➢ The products he installs adhere to the National Electrical Installation Standards prescribed by NECA. Also, the contractor is expected to use products that are certified as safe and reliable by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

➢ The advantage of employing NECA accredited electrical contractors is that you can access services of electricians that have undergone at least 1000 hours of intensive training, and accumulated more than 8000 hours of on-the-job experience.


Step 2. Ensuring the safety, efficiency and reliability of services and warranties

Assessing the financial wellbeing of the individual contractor or small business backing him is important, especially in today’s uncertain economic scenario, as you would expect the company to be around when you need them again. Firms that have invested lots of time and money and employ electricians that are bonded and insured are safer because they are committed to excellence. You can start by asking your boss, colleagues, peers or friends who they recommend drawing from their own experiences. Another option is to scout references, research the internet and locate reliable firms with good testimonials that can be cross checked independently.


Step 3. Assessing the contractor’s expertise in his specialty and understanding of your specific problem

If you are hiring a contractor for a minor HVAC repair job, targeting a high profile contractor specializing in major home repairs may not be required. Similarly, it would be impractical expecting a novice electrician to conduct a major home renovation. Through direct, independent and personal enquiries assure yourself that the contractor and his company have the expertise suited to your requirement. Employing them should not result in undervaluing or overestimating the nature of the job and costs involved. You can also dial the local representative of NECA for assistance in zeroing in on the right contractor.


Identifying the right contractor saves you the blues

The reputation and the quality of work delivered by the electrical contractor are important to the success of the job. It is really worthwhile taking the trouble to hire highly trained and skilled contractors with years of experience behind them. By following these guidelines you can gift yourself peace of mind knowing that you are entrusting the safety of your home or office in capable hands, and that you will be rewarded with high quality work.

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