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Characteristics of Lawyers

5/2/2012 6:20:31 PM | by Anonymous


Our common notion when we hear of law practitioner is a person who attends court and stands before a judge to defend a client in various legal proceedings. But this is just one of the many important roles of lawyers. In general, the roles of a lawyer are to represent and defend a person or company in accordance to the law and to provide legal advice when a client encountered a problem wherein a law suit can still be avoided.


Not all people can be a lawyer. Yes, everyone can try to study law but graduating from it is another issue. Usually, lawyers contain characteristics eminent on this profession even before they attend law school. Being articulate is one important attribute that lawyers should possess. A lawyer who has a good communication skill is more likely to be successful on law school and the practice of law. He can also gain confidence of his client. Legal education provides opportunities to refine this ability.


Law practitioners require critical reading abilities. Besides reading massive volumes regarding cases, laws, rules and regulations, they would also be engaged on materials of different fields such as politics, philosophy, history and economy. This prepares them on the tedious job of reading materials of great length. However, reading without understanding is useless so a lawyer must also have a good comprehension skill.


Another trait that a lawyer should possess is analytic and problem solving skills. Even though a lawyer may be well-prepared for a legal proceeding, he still has no idea what the opposing party would put forward. A legal representative should be intelligent enough to immediately determine what to do in various cases and situations.


Most importantly, a lawyer must have a sense of public service. He must be willing to help and serve others honestly and responsibly. Nowadays, this profession has created a bad reputation among people. However, we should keep in mind that those lawyers are not the norm but exceptions. All professions have a rotten member. It just occurs that a lot of lawyers are known and are playing a significant role in the society. Once they do something wrong, the mass will easily be aware of it.

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