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Characteristics of Ideal Doctors

4/2/2012 10:44:29 AM | by Anonymous


It is important to visit a doctor once we feel extreme pain or sense something unusual in our body. Doctors can provide medical care for illnesses that cannot be cured by drugs which can be bought on pharmacies even without prescription. They undergo training which made them legally qualified in restoring human health. For a doctor to be effective, he should have a good relationship with his patients. He should possess some characteristics that can help in promoting healthy doctor-patient relationship.


Patients seek doctor’s help because they are qualified and experienced in treating ailments. Their expertise makes people certain that they can provide help one way or another. Medical practitioners must show confidence to their patient. It lets the latter know that he is being taken care of properly.


A good doctor is also empathetic and humane. He tries to understand what his patient is going through and shows kindness while dealing with the unwell. This would involve interaction which can turn into a more personal relationship. A patient can comfortably communicate what he is experiencing that can help in the more precise diagnosis of illness. Listening attentively to the person you are talking to is a sign of respect to the other person.


Doctors tend to be technical when explaining medical matters. An ideal doctor would try to reach out with their patient by being forthright and thorough. Healthy communication between the two parties is essential and we can say it is achieved if both sides understand each other. A thoroughly diagnosed medical problem should be explained in plain language and in a direct manner. Honesty in this profession is an issue. However, receiving a straight forward and truthful bad news is better than not knowing your real health condition.


It is not only the medical people who should demonstrate agreeable personalities. Patients should also do their part in building a healthy relationship with their doctors.

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