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Characteristics of Hydraulic Hose

5/2/2012 6:19:12 PM | by Anonymous


A hose is a tube designed for conveying substances such as liquid or gas. Its distinction from pipe is its flexibility and material. Pipes are usually made from metals while some hoses are made from rubber. The latter also contain characteristics that make them the more preferred tubing material.


The types of hoses we usually encounter are garden hose and fire hose. Both are used to carry water from one location to another. Garden hose is connected to a faucet as a source of fluid. As the name implies, it is used as a manual water sprinkler for plants in the garden. Fire hoses, on the other hand, are utilized to extinguish fire. Since fire tubes are involved in emergency situations, their characteristics should be more robust compared to garden hoses to ensure reliability. They are flameproof, long and the end should be able to fit a hydrant or standpipe in order to supply water. On the other hand, hydraulic hose is an industrial hose used for transporting water, oil and gas. It holds features that make it the choice tubing assembly for industrial applications.


Hydraulic hose is flexible, resistant to heat and vibration, light weight and cost-effective. Metal tube assembly can be very labor intensive and costly. It would include installing, bending and brazing of metals to attach the pipes on the machine. These things can be easily accomplished if a flexible tube is used. Hydraulic hose comes in different sizes. Measure the inside and outside tube diameter in order to determine which one will fit on the machine. Custom tube benders are expensive and bent tubing and installing them requires considerable skill. These issues are able to overcome by hose. Factors to consider when choosing a tube are the pressure and temperature. Choose a material depending on the working pressure or how strong the vibration of the substance it will carry and the frequency of the tube to heat exposure. Cool running hydraulic system is designed to withstand overheating. A variety of hose made from different materials that you can now choose from are compatible with different needs of industrial machines.

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