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Characteristics and Applications of Polyurethane Foam

9/18/2015 8:41:15 AM | by Eduardo Casilyas

Polyethylene Foam

With qualities that make it a clever option for many jobs, both individual and commercial, polyethylene is one of the most widely use however least well known foam products in use today. There are many who acknowledge polystyrene from its usage in cups and product packaging, and polyurethane foam is something everybody recognizes with because of its soft, squishy feel. However with applications varying from product packaging and flotation devices to masonry supplies and shock taking in product, we are constantly surrounded by hard-working polyethylene, whether we recognize it or not.


Closed-cell is Polyethylene’s structure, meaning it is comprised of millions of tiny little bubbles, followed each other but cut off entirely. This makes for a water resistant material in addition to offering additional durability and hardness in comparison to open-celled foams. It is also resistant to solvents, petroleum items and is antimicrobial as well, allowing it to hinder the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Very resilient foam, polyethylene is able to recover after being compressed while still providing enough cushion and padding to ensure the security of materials as product packaging. These physical attributes are what make it such a flexible material, when incorporated with all its modification possibilities, it's simple to see why polyethylene works in numerous applications.


Through the heating process of polymer compounds Closed-cell polyethylene foam is formed, and lots of varieties get additives to its base formula to modify its buildings and provide it special qualities. By doing this, in addition to the basic polyethylene sheet foam, there are likewise anti-static and fire retardant ranges of the product. By including ingredients in the formulation of the item, consistency throughout the foam is ensured, instead of materials that only receive surface area treatments. A higher density of polyethylene foam has smaller sized cells and/or thicker cell walls, makings for more performance material in the item than in a lower density foam of the same size.


A brilliant pink color has been designated to anti-static foams for easy recognition, and this is true for polyethylene as well. Incombustible foams withstand heat and flames up to a point and might even have the potential to self-extinguish if ignited, traits not present in conventional, untreated products. These are often utilized as insulation materials and in numerous industries, mainly for safety reasons. Some other type polyethylene foams have both of these characteristics for use in extremely particular jobs, such as parts in delicate machinery or particular areas in structures. Additionally, some polyethylene foams showcase both of these attributes for extremely specialized tasks, like in sensitive equipment or structure structures.


Besides its performance attributes, polyethylene's versatility is likewise discovered in various shapes and sizes that it can be manufactured. The majority is typically seen in sheet or plank type, these sheets are often made use of as insulating products or in custom-made packaging or case since it is quickly shape and hone along with the security provided for moving, saving or transferring items. Closed-cell foam insulation has outstanding moisture resistance attributes, and polyethylene is specifically capable as thermal insulating products. Polyethylene sheeting is likewise easily made use of to produce thick sections of foam by easily being laminated together. These areas can be used as furnishings inserts, personal flotation device inserts or in specialized product packaging.


Polyethylene's vast array of uses makes it one of the most functional foam items. With various densities, chemical solutions and physical designs and forms, the possible applications for this product are numerous. Whether its usage ends up being expert or personal, there is a polyethylene product that will fit the task perfectly.

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