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Chairs and Tables for All Occasions

3/18/2015 1:10:16 PM | by CLB

Chair & Table Rental Service

One of the factors that make the event incredible and fantastic is the chairs and tables used in setting up the venue, depending on the type of occasion being held.

Chairs and tables are essential support to guests in big events held in conventions, function halls, or even outdoor places. Usually, these stuff are rented for a specific occasion within specific range of time.

There are various types of chairs and tables appropriate in every occasion as well as the venue itself. Importantly, selection of chairs and tables should depend on the theme of the event, whether you are celebrating a very simple party or those of elegant social gathering.

Such events and functions include wedding or birthday parties, conferences and exhibition, promotional program, official opening or inauguration, launching ceremonies, retailing booths, and other special events.

The following are some types of chairs and tables that are usually rented for all occasions.


• Chiavari Chairs – These seats feature special lightness achieved by structural sections depending on the specific amount of stress it has to handle. The Chiavari chairs are very popular for elegant wedding receptions and other high profile entertainment events. There are available colors such as antique gold, silver, white, black, and natural.
• Folding Chairs – These are made of resin with vinyl padded cushion featuring a light, portable chair that folds flat and can be stored in a row or stack. These chairs are good to see in any outdoor programs and activities.
• Ghost Chairs – These chairs are the new style in wedding industry which will give the venue a more contemporary look. These are transparent chairs, the reason why it was named “ghost”, as an addition to its unique characteristics.
• Chameleon – A trendsetting and eco-friendly chair that belongs to sleeker type chairs which give extra-ordinary touch to a more formal setting. It has elegant silhouette with sexy tapered legs featuring its plush cushion as well as its ergonomic design.
• Banquet Stack Chairs – These seats promote thicker seats than regular stack chairs for comfortable type atmosphere.



• Adjustable Cocktail Tables – These flexible tables are the best in the industry which feature a quick assembly and disassembly characteristics. Its pole, top, as well as the base slide together via tapered fit.
• Banquet Tables – These tables are available in different shapes and sizes that can be use d in all kinds of events from conferences to wedding parties. It can be round, square, half-round, and quarter-round table.
There are also varieties of chair and table decorations that you can consider in beautifying a reception for a special event.

• A sheer overlay with a ruffled train offers a romantic ambience
• A structured wide sash gathered with a bow for a unique modern look
• Whimsical paper pinwheels that suits a casual birthday parties
• Ruffled skirts style that enhance its look
• Gold-sequined covers which adds glamour and sophistication
• Pretty Pink Rosettes and pads design for more feminine theme
• Apple garland for a rustic touch
• Draped chair covers to add more regal look to the set-up
• Pleated chair covers cinched with jeweled accents for a more chic look

Everyone wants to have the right and smooth set of party or social gathering, and it should have its own unique style and flair. Decorate these chairs and tables according to your style as well as the theme and venue. Make your special day fun and memorable with these extra-ordinary decorations on the selected reception area.

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