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Cash In On Government Green Deal - And Make Your Home Cosy And Warm

5/21/2014 2:30:31 PM | by Muhammad Azam

Energy Management Systems

The primary focus for energy efficiency may be to reduce carbon emissions, but going green can save households £100’s a year on reduced gas and electricity bills. The opportunity for UK businesses and home owners to cut costs on heating comes courtesy of the coalition government’s Green Deal.


The incentives behind the Green Deal is to encourage home-owners to improve the energy efficiency of their home through various mean including replacement windows, improved insulation and the installation of a renewable energy heating system. There are plenty of new technologies and improved products that enable you to upgrade your premises.


On the face of it, the Government’s incentives-for-action Green Deal does not appear particularly beneficial, but on closer inspection the scheme promises substantial savings on special loan deals. The principle idea is that you pay for improving the energy efficiency of your home through savings on your energy bill which in turn promises long-term gains.


Curb the cost of future energy

With the big six energy companies in the UK committing to price hikes this year, the cost of utility bills is a growing concern for many households. And with no end in sight of price increases, fuel bills will become a destabilizing financial burden for many families in the not too distant future.


However, the government is offering a lifeline by introducing the Green Deal that will effectively cap your utility bills if you upgrade your home with energy efficient products that reduce the amount of energy consumption. The amount you save will be determined on the improvements you make in accordance with the energy companies assessment.
The long-term benefits of the scheme are that your energy bills will not increase above the agreed amount, which should be roughly around what you are paying now. However, you should continue paying the same rate until the loan is paid off after which time your energy payments will be reduced.


The savings you make on your utility bill as a result of the energy improvements will go towards paying for the equipment and installation. This allows you to avoid shelling out upfront payments to install a new system, and helps you to manage your monthly finances because you know roughly how much your utility bill is going to cost.
You will most feel the benefit of the Green Deal once the loan for the equipment is paid off – a period which is agreed with your energy provider under the terms of the Green Deal, usually between 10 and 25 years.


What can the Green Deal be used for?
The Green Deal covers over 40 home improvement plans ranging from cavity wall installations, replacement windows, new boiler, solar panels and under floor heating. For a comprehensive list, you can download a PDF on the Green Deal website. You could be eligible for one, or a combination of improvements that effectively pay for themselves a Green Deal scheme.


An assessor is appointed to evaluate your house and offer advice about the improvements you should make. Most adjustments to your home are your final choice, but if the assessor recommends you insulate your loft and wall cavities you have an obligation to do so without question.


Most assessors will advise home owners to reinforce, roof, doors and windows as that is where most heat in the home is lost. If you are contemplating upgrading your double-glazing is quick as the government is offering early adopters of the Green Deal cash back on up to two-thirds of the total cost of the work.

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