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Canvas - Available Anytime and Anywhere

5/29/2015 12:37:56 PM | by Blossom

Canvas - Wholesalers & Manufacturers

A canvas is a heavy, well-built, and unbleached type of woven cloth fabricated from flax, hemp, or a similar yarn used to make various stuffs such as tents, sails, shoes, surface for oil painting, bags, gadget cases and other accessories that can be customized according to the user’s needs.

Most canvasses nowadays are made of cotton or linen with plain weave. It can be a duck cloth or plain type of canvas wherein the threads in the duck type are more tightly woven. A canvas is classified through its weight as well as the graded number system.

Canvas and its Useful Applications:

• Canvas for Painting
The canvas is the most popular material when it comes to canvas painting. It replaces wooden panels where in it is stretched across the frame and coated with gesso before it can be used. This is to avoid the canvas to decay when the paint gets a direct contact on the canvas fibers.

• Canvas for Embroidery
Embroidery such as cross-stitch and Berlin wool work is an artistic application where canvas is popularly applied. Binca canvas, chess canvas, and Penelope canvas are some of the specific type of embroidery canvas mostly used.

• Canvas use for tents, tarpaulins, sails, marine canvas, umbrellas and other covers
Canvas used to make different styles, sizes, and colors of tents, tarpaulins, and other covers of gadgets, machines, and equipments.

• Canvas use for garments, canvas bags, canvas shoes, gadget cases and other accessories

Types of Canvas

• Dyed Canvas
This type of canvas came from the process of dyeing to add colors. It can be a dyed bag, shoes, or other garments used for extra style and glow.

• Fire-proof Canvas
It is a kind of canvas made from high grade raw materials and chemicals making it suitable on areas high risk of fire.

How to make a fireproof canvas

1. Mix 1 lb of alum and 1 pint of hot water in a large pan.
2. Dip the canvas into the pan and wet it fully.
3. Pull it out and hang over clothes rack and it is ready to use.

• Waterproof canvas
This type of canvas has high water resistance having a polyurethane back coating to make it waterproof.

How to make a waterproof canvas

1. Prepare the waterproofing spray and the seam sealer used in the canvas
2. Spray the whole surface with the waterproofing spray
3. Apply the seam sealer to all of the seams

• Printed Canvas
It is commonly used by interior designers as home decorations. It is an alternative to framed artwork since it has no glazing required and the pine frame is not visible.

There are several canvas wholesalers and manufacturer which caters various needs in the market. These companies deal with different kinds of canvas products and items used for industrial and commercial applications such as marine, advertising, and construction. These are tailored with the specific designs and requirements coming from their customers.

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