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Building Materials and other Construction Supplies

5/21/2015 10:57:47 AM | by Jin

Building Materials

There are various building materials and equipment used in a wide range of applications related to construction industry. Building materials such as clay, sand, rocks, cement, woods, glass, metals, concretes and bricks are used for construction purposes to construct houses, establishments and buildings. It also includes plumbing, piping, fence making, roofing, insulation, elevators, flooring materials, and other construction supplies which will complete the construction process.

Kinds of Building Materials

• Rock – This is a long lasting building material available in different types. It is very dense which give protection to the structure. Stone buildings are made of rocks which are held together by cement.
• Wood – This material has an excellent property which is readily and economically accessible. It is a good heat and electrical insulator that is available in various sizes and shapes.
• Cement – This is a substance used to bind materials together. Cement applied in construction is classified into hydraulic or non-hydraulic cement. Hydraulic cement can harden even in wet conditions while non-hydraulic cement should be kept on dry place in order to maintain its strength.
• Concrete – This is an aggregate material which is mixed to a cement, gravel, or sand until it formed into a stone like material.
• Metal – This is the structural framework of the building which is usually a steel alloy. It features a sturdy, flexible and refined material that has high corrosion resistance.
• Glass – The glass is used to cover a small opening and even the entire facade of a building or a house incorporated with frame that holds it together. It is designed to allow light to pass into rooms while keeping the inclement weather outside.
• Plastic – This material penetrates on walls, roofs, and concrete floor which are used for electrical wiring, water, and sewerage purposes.
• Reinforcement Bar – It is also known as reinforcement steel which is used to hold the concrete in tension. This is patterned to form a better bond with the concrete.

In constructing buildings, houses or commercial establishments, hardware and tools such as saw, hammer, cutter, screw drivers, and measuring devices are necessary as well as machines and equipments in case of bigger scale construction. Big equipments like crane, loader, forklift, excavators which are used to transport massive materials are also used during the operation.

Useful Guide in Constructing a Building

1. Site Preparation and Foundation – Clearing of rocks, debris and trees using a backhoe or a bulldozer where the house or building is planned to put. Also, the operators will start to form the template as well as to dig holes and trenches. Footings are installed wherein it supports the house interfaces on the ground.
2. Rough Framing – This is the completion of the skeleton of the house (floor, wall, and roof systems).
3. Rough Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC – In electrical and plumbing, this is the start of running pipes and wires through the floors, walls, and ceilings.
4. Install Insulation – The insulation job provides a comfortable and a steady climate inside while maintaining good energy efficiency.
5. Drywall, Interior Textures, and Exterior Finishes – It is where the drywall is hung and taped to make the seams between boards not visible. Paint coating is applied when the taping is done. Exterior finishes such as stone and bricks are ready to install.
6. Interior Trim, Exterior Driveways and Walkways Installation
7. Hard Surface Flooring and Countertops Installation – Vinyl, wood, ceramic, tile flooring are ready to install together with the countertops.
8. Mechanical Trims and Bathroom Fixtures Installation – Light, switches, outlets and other electrical panel are ready to install. Sinks, faucets, and toilets in the bathroom as well.
9. Mirrors, Shower Doors, and Exterior Landscaping – This is where carpeting and final clean up takes place.
10. Final Inspection and Maintenance

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